Q&A with OutDmix

Houston TREND: Are you affiliated with inDmix?
OutDmix: Kind of … my Aunt is half Nigerian

Houston TREND: Why outDmix?
OutDmix: I came up with this website idea about 10 years ago that would promote events at the same time we would take pictures of girls and guys having a great time at these events. I had it all setup and I ran it past my Nigerian roommate who had a cousin that was good at setting up websites. They called him something like Kamikaze  (He couldn’t give me his real name because at the time he was just launching a email campaign that he planned on getting rich from). One thing lead to another and I start hearing about this Indmix website, low and behold they stole my idea, this is my retaliation name.

Houston TREND: If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

0-2 Watch highlights of Halle Berry’s career

2-3 Watch the scene of Halle Berry in Monsters Ball over and over in private with some lotion and a sock

3-7 I would go to an old school black church that has a really long sermon and they have night church at 2pm.

7-8 Eat Frenchy’s

9-11 Probably call up my friends that are drug dealers and start experimenting

11-13 Back to church to ask forgiveness for what I just did

13-14 Thai Massage Parlor while watching Monsters Ball again (Can We Say HAPPY ENDING)

14- 16 Tweet my ass off on a trending topic

16-21 Spend this time with my family, friends, and some girls that have daddy issues. Probably lots of binge drinking

21- 24 I was passed out from all the liquor so I missed out on these last 3 hours FML

Houston TREND: If the whole world were listening, what would you say?

OutDmix: I would pull them all close and whisper “I have no panties on”.

Houston TREND: If money were not an object, what would you do with your life?

OutDmix: I guess I could donate money to an African country but the way GHANA beat up on USA in the world cup, they aren’t getting anything from me.

Houston TREND: Why do they call Donkey Kong a “donkey” if he is not a donkey?
OutDmix: Never played.  I always thought it was a code name for “Dumb N***A”.

Houston TREND: What would you ask Paul Mooney?
OutDmix: How is that he wrote for Richard Pryor but he himself is not funny

Houston TREND: What is something you can’t live without?


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