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La Vita was founded in 2009, La Vita Clothing encompasses all aspects of life. Founders Nate Alabi, Ryan Gant and Phil Armstrong, three business savvy young men, who share an appreciation for art and fashion decided to combine their passions into the ultimate canvas.

These young men who are pursuing and accomplishing their dreams feel as though they are living “the life.” This is the inspiration for the name La Vita that derives from the Italian meaning “The Life.” La Vita is where urban wear and high fashion meet.

La Vita is known for many things. We pride ourselves with redefined quality and originality. Our Current Spring 2010 look book has just been released and the reactions have been phenomenal; premiering the new La Vita fall 2010. A brand, that reaches a new market, one like no other. In just 5 short months we have propelled in popularity, being featured on blogs like and to name a few. We are frequently traveling from DC to New York to Houston, doing photo shoots, fashion shows and promotional events. Earlier this month in New York, we were honored to meet two amazing women, Coco and Breezy, who posed and brought to light La Vita.

Everyone here at La Vita knows one phrase, “Strive to live La Vita.”

It’s a way of saying to people, “Always be original, and never try to be like someone or something else, because being you is irresistible.” We use the same concept when designing for La Vita.











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La Vita Clothing, guided by young pioneers at the helm of this ship headed for success. The one thing that drives us as a whole is the input and ideas of the consumer. We like to work towards perfection, being as you cannot put a timer on its building process.

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