Written by: Eric LeDay of Houston TREND

(All words are just personal opinions. None have fact or have been taken to the extreme of observation. These are solely the views of the writer and we ask that this is not to be taken as more than just entertainment. Thank you.)

The apparent death of Osama Bin Laden and the connections of 9/11…

Well some of the conspiracy theorist has said that O.B.L. was really just a cop out or a diversion, someone to put the blame on. There are quite a few YouTube videos that say the U.S orchestrated the entire 9/11 and “created” a character by the name of Osama Bin Laden to be some sort of diversion to keep form citizens what we are not being told. Some like to ask people keep there minds and eyes open to what’s going on, don’t just go by what’s being told to you.


#1 – Osama was never mentioned till AFTER 9/11 (not true, he was mentioned during the Clinton Administration)

#2 – after the planes hitting the US soil, we couldn’t find Osama?? O_o

#3 – Osama has been found and has been killed…………really? REALLY?


We are all born to serve our country (regardless of where you’re from) and support and protect it, but when things are placed in front of your face that just don’t add up it poses questions that makes one may ask.

Like we can spend over 2 billion dollars to fly out of space and can see light years away with a telescope but we can’t find a human being on the earth??????

Well lets narrow it down, he’s on the EAST side of the world and we have technology that can survey and watch peoples every movement. Technology has proven that we can tap into phones from satellites out of space. So it may be easy to find a sexual predator and put them away for 25 years, but we CANT find a man that has killed thousands in a terroristic attack for 10 years?  Seeing that it for so long no one knew where he was and now we are expected to believe that “O.B.L. (this was his underground rap name)” has been brought to justice?

What if this actually was all a diversion to keep us from seeing what the “BIG PICTURE” really was?

And let’s say that this is true. OBL has finally been killed. Why are people rejoicing and screaming “We should be partying because OBL is finally dead”. Now honestly readers, does that make us any better than what he or his group stood for? (MESSAGE!)

I would like you guys feelings and expressions on this post and feel free to express freely



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