The Future of RIM’s Blackberry

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With the sky rocketing of Google’s Android, the highly popular Apple iPhone IOS & Microsoft’s newly  revamped Windows Phone, RIM’s Blackberry future seems a bit dismal. Currently at the bottom of the consumer rankings, the smart phone that once seemed seamless against competitors in the “Business Phone” realm is falling short to all the bells and whistles that the other smart phones offer.

It was once upon a time when you would see almost everyone responding to an e-mail or some sort using their “Crack Berry”. It seemed as if the Blackberry was the reason for the fall of Two-Way pagers (well them and Sidekicks). Now with other operating systems offering the push or instant e-mail its almost whats the point?

Well in the not so distant future, RIM has plans to get EVERYONE on board. In these two videos you will see a full-screen smartphone with edge-to-edge display which interacts effortlessly with other pieces of technology like touchscreen PCs and things like smart tables. Now you can tell that the device used is not a current existing one (in fact the screen is edited in on the device),  but it is amazing to see where they are planning to go in the future.

BlackBerry Future Visions 2 from Evan Blass on Vimeo.

BlackBerry Future Visions 1 from Evan Blass on Vimeo.

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