• (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
    (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
    Written by: Cecilia Smith
    “I wasn’t a producer first, I wasn’t a club DJ first; I learned how to chop and screw before anything else. That was the first thing I learned how to record,” - DJ Mr. Rogers.
    Written By: Kevin Keise of Houston TREND
    Have you ever wondered where this new age Houston music rooted from? I’m talking about the music that has grownups dancing in the clubs. I mean people have always danced in Houston clubs, but never to Houston music. The “Southside” by H-Town legend Lil KeKe was arguably […]

(Article) Young Jeezy – Motivated By Survival

Articles, Features 0 November 11, 2011 243 Loso

Written by: @SimplyCecilia of @HoustonTREND



In an industry as fickle as it is rapidly evolving, the 3 years that have passed since the 2008 release of “The Recession” is easily enough time for the public to forget the artist behind it and drop him into the graveyard of broken careers…



Yet for Young Jeezy, the anticipation has only grown stronger, and the streets have clamored for a voice to their frustration; a role that Jeezy has never shied away from. During a recent conference call for the press via Def Jam, Jeezy came forth to clear the air:


Said Jeezy, “I ain’t dropped since “The Recession,” this is the hustler’s ambition, and I’m picking up where I left off at.”


Though many have been left jaded at the album being pushed back, most recently from an intended September release, Jeezy insists that December 20 will mark the release of his new project; aptly titled “TM103” in a nod to his previous  “Thug Motivation” effort.


In conjunction with the album, a documentary will be released as a visual accompaniment; and will be narrated by none other than the legendary Samuel L. Jackson.


“He’s one of the realest cats I know. I called him, and he told me don’t worry about it. He also told me that he’s a fan. That surprised me, he brought over a few mixtapes and everything,” said Jeezy in reference to Jackson.


When asked if we can look forward to more songs relating to the nations bitter political climate, or another street anthem like the popular “My President is Black,” he advised “To be honest I think the songs are all politically charged. Right now the world is a fucked up place, and the only way to get through it is for us to live through our music.”


On the President himself, including his view on a projected second term he added “Obama’s in a serious situation…at the end of the day we all need money to live. I’m glad they see it now, we’ve been struggling.”


Said Jeezy, “I think the music, the strength of the people, staying strong…will get us to the other side.”


Many are anticipating what appears to be a return to what first endeared the world to Jeezy, brutal honesty via relatable flows. It seems this Christmas will indeed see the return of the Snowman.♦

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