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Article & Interview by: IJ ANU of Houston TREND

Houston has been an up and coming city in the world of music, art, and now fashion.  As I walked into the studio of Nsilo D. Reynolds also known as “Slo” I was amazed by the amount of art he had acquired and created;  the large amount boxes and paint being the mark a true artist’s studio. In this case when I say the word “art,” it pertains to the earrings he creates each one exquisite and unique.
I was immediately drawn to his eccentricity, and his passion for life. . A passion so strong about his creations that one could not help but be attracted to such a personality; and we conversed like long lost friends .
Born of Jamaican decent and raised in Atlanta. Nsilo initially started off designing t-shirts with his older brother but inadvertently got into the business of designing earrings after helping a friend by creating a pair at the last minute for a date. In March of 2011, he would officially launch his line, called “Endiar.”
When asked why he chose to make earrings out of all things he said, “I wanted to bring art to the world.”
HoustonTREND: “What inspires you when designing your earrings?”
Nsilo:”I am inspired by strange individuals, nature, art, and life. I am inspired by just being alive.”
HoustonTREND: “Why did you choose the name Endiar for your company?”
Nsilo: “Look at my business card, N.D.R. are my initials, so it only seemed fitting to name it after that.”
HoustonTREND: “These days everyone is making earrings, what makes yours different?”
Nsilo:”What makes my earrings different is that there are no duplicate pairs. I believe in being original and customers being made something especially for them.”
HoustonTREND: “Is this company solely run by you, or do you have help?”
Nsilo: (laughs) “I didn’t tell you that you were my newest employee? I do everything by hand. I paint the earrings by hand, stamp them, attach the hooks, package the final product, and ship it.”
HoustonTREND: “Do you plan on expanding your brand and designing things other than earrings?”
Nsilo: “I plan on building an empire. Do you know what Ralph Lauren started with? Ties. I want to build an empire; start off with earrings , then go on to other types of jewelry and take it from there.”
HoustonTREND: “The earrings are made of wood and have an afro centric vibe to them. Does your culture inspire you subconsciously?”
Nsilo: “No not really….well, maybe a little. As a kid I tried to be like everyone else but as soon as I embraced who I was and my eccentricity I began to really know myself and began to create my art.”
HoustonTREND: “How many earrings have you designed and how long does it take to make one pair”?
Nsilo:”I have about 200 in stock. Each design has its own style and name. It takes about 72 hours to make each pair and every pair is unique… there are no duplicates. I also do custom orders.”
HoustonTREND: “Where can you earrings be purchased?”

Nsilo: “They can be purchased at www.endiar.com. I can be contacted on facebook at: “Endiar Jewelry Co.” or by email at nsilo@endiar.com

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