(Photos) Trae & Z-Ro Present: The Return of The Assholes at Warehouse Live

With the air of accord currently circulating amongst the artists in the city, what better way to culminate a great musical year for the City of Houston, than with Kings of the Underground Trae and Z-Ro, back together as ABN.

Backstage, admiration and mutual respect flowed as freely as the smoke in the air, with everyone from newer artists Propain and Short Dawg, to the legendary Bun B and his beautiful wife Queenie in attendance.

By the time they hit the stage anticipation had reached its boiling point, and the crowd, comprised by a large proportion of, um, non-minorities, was ecstatic.
Running through an assortment of classics, one could only stand in awe and wonder if we will see this pairing more frequently, off wax and right before our eyes.
The night was made even more memorable with the introduction of the Geto Boys own Willie D for an electric rendition of “Mind Playing Tricks on Me,” an appearance by Dougie D, and a feature from Paul Wall.

The spirit of the fallen Clip D from ABN radiated throughout the room. The stage quickly filled with those clad in lettermen jackets, Clip’s name emblazed upon the back.
One can only hope that the union of these two again will be sooner rather than later. The city needs it Assholes.

Moments Captured by: Loso of Houston TREND