(Review) June 15th Krucial In Concert At The Bayou Music Center

Written by: Loso of Houston TREND

Krucial at the Verizon wireless theater

I arrived at the event what I thought was late, and then surprisingly the Headline star, Krucial was walking in at the same time. After a few talks of randomness, he mentioned that his show in Lake Charles was jammed packed and a few of the residents were asking him for his autograph and jamming his music! #WINNING

As we entered into the showcase room at the Bayou Live Music Center where he would be performing, I quickly noticed the aroma of some damn good BB-Q, my better mind was in control and I refrained from eat some. (NO JUDMENT ZONE!) Also in the building was O.N.E. and Making the Band sensation, Brian Angel, who seemed in great spirits as he waited to see Krucial, someone that he has looked after over the years, perform.


The Show:

First on stage was I-10, an energetic performer who demanded the audience’s attention. During his second song he rapped its entirety to a lady in the crowd, and YES she was fluttered.

I10 capped off his performance with a song featuring Krucial. One thing I did notice was, I-10 did hold the microphone very close to his mouth which muffled his voice and made it difficult to hear him in the already off tune acoustics that the room provided. But in the end you could tell that didn’t matter too much to the crowd in attendance.


After I-10 left the stage, Brian Angel took a moment to share a few compassionate words to Krucial, those of which I will not spoil from the event!! You should’ve been there. Lol


Krucial took the stage and had a pretty good set. He started off by doing his H-Town version of “Up” titled “Knock It Dine”. The young MC performed a number of his original songs, including “Raw”, “Too Bad” and “You Are (Keep Telling Me)”.  Krucial capped off his set with a track featuring Pyro called “Hold It Down”, an ode to family and friends that are currently on lock


Overall, they chose a great location and it was a plus to see Brian Angel in attendance.



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