(Review) Delo at Warehouse Live – July 1, 2012

Review Done By: Cecilia Smith for Houston TREND

For Delorean, more commonly known as “Delo,” passion and music intertwine; his lyrics potent. This type of passion is virtually worn on his sleeve. One can relate to him, one can FEEL him, and when he’s at his best, a fiery performance is always the outcome.

Last night, he was simply on fire.

Veins protruding, sweat dripping, Delo’s words are his defense, his performance his lawyer, each making the case as to why when you’re discussing who’s next to soar out of Houston…you better have his damn name on the list.

The buzz that proceeded the event proved to be well deserved as the city flocked to show support.

Whether solo or joined by the likes of Slim Thug, Le$, Propain, Doughbeezy  or crooner Jack Freeman; everyone that touched the stage was seemingly caught up in Delo’s energy, producing performances that will be recounted for weeks.

(Did you see the passion that Propain put into his verse? Geez!)

Pushing full speed ahead through all three installments of his celebrated “Hood Politics” series; he literally gave all that he had, lyrics thrown so viciously that he was visibly exhausted by the end.

Feel free to hop aboard the Delorean bandwagon if you already haven’t, it won’t be stopping anytime soon.

*Side Note*
New HP3 track”Bust a Move” featuring Jack Freeman is easily a stand out classic.

While we didn’t get to see Big KRIT perform he made his presence felt, and Big Sant, whom he affectionately calls “big bro” proved why he’s deserving of his own set.