(Review) L.E.$. At Fitzgerald – June 27th

Review done By: Cecilia Smith for Houston TREND

For a new artist, embarking upon your first tour is pretty much the equivalent of a birthday. After toiling away it’s finally your time to shine as a headliner. As Boss Hogg Outlaw Le$ has proven however, one can both shine solo as well as in the company of the greats.
Kicking off his first headlining in Texas last night, Le$ made a very clear statement; he’s going to be around for a while, so get used to him. With June 27th as his backdrop, a holiday in itself for those familiar with Houston’s rich musical history, and a momentous SUC concert going on at the same time, he had no choice but to come with it.
So he did just that.

I came in on Dex Owusu. Coming all the way from Oklahoma, he made sure that this trip was well worth it. While I knew not one song he performed, I enjoyed watching the performance, enough so that I will definitely take notice if I see him on a Houston billing again.
His connection to Houston became more apparent as he brought out both Doughbeezy, whom was treated to a (late) Happy Birthday serenade from the audience, and later Roosh Williams, who would go on to do his own set.

What can I say about Roosh? He’s steadily proven himself and I’d like to see more of the young man.
Yes, that pretty much says it all.

Up next we had Ms. Amber London. Taking it straight retro and paying homage to female emcees in the vein of YoYo, Mc Lyte, or Eve; she made it clear that she should be added to the growing list of female spitters in the city that can..well..spit.
Plus, anybody that can flow over 702’s “Steelo” (aka the theme song from Cousin Skeeter for you younger cats) is automatically cool with me. Yep.
Look I don’t make the rules I just write about them.

After this we were reminded of just what makes DJ Mr. Rogers so awesome. Simple: He’s a damn good DJ. Switching effortlessly between contemporary hits and Houston classics, via music he gave the audience a reminder of just what sets Houston apart. By the time he broke out the “June 27th Freestyle” the crowd was rocking as if they were at a house party, not a concert intermission.

Up next was the main attraction.

What makes Le$ so appealing, is the fact that his appeal comes naturally. He just comes off as a cool ass dude, so when he performs and you find out he’s GOOD, it’s like damn he’s cool AND he can spit.
Having already acquired an impressive catalogue of tracks, he began his set going through a few of his own before bringing out some friends. Artists like MUG, Propain, DeLorean, and Doughbeezy were brought to the stage to perform fan favorites; like Delo’s “Back Up in My City” and Dough’s “Pass the Swisher.”
It was during this transition that the show shifted gears from good to great. The audience barely had a chance to enjoy these artists before Boss Hogg ‘s own Slim Thug, and later rapid spitter Killa Kyleon were brought to the stage to perform Slim’s track “O.C.D.”
Though ending the show after that performance could have easily ended the show on a high note, as DJ Rogers played a string of the late Pimp C’s greatest verses, the audience reciting word for word, all of a sudden you heard Le$ say “You better put your hand up for Pimp C, I might fight you if you don’t have your hand up for Pimp C”…and the legendary Bun B walked onto the stage.
Seeing “Get Throwed” performed live will NEVER get old. Ever.
Sometimes events get over hyped. Unfortunately for some of you, this was not one of those events. Yes, you really should have been there.