(Fitness) Terry’s Six Pack – Six Of His Favorite Ab Workouts

July4th meal kind of heavy? Want to know how to turn that BiggieSmalls into a 6Pac Shakur? Then take a look at Terry’s six pack! No ladies this is not he version on the How Does it Feel video, sorry. However these are six of his favorite abdominal workout to show you how to tame your own!

1. Farmers Walk: Using  kettlebells, this exercise is designed to put structure in your core by giving you the strength to carry a load.

2. Planks: No this is not that moment where you lay face down in a rather awkward place (what were some of you thinking?), this is another core strengthening  exercise. By keeping your body as straight as possible to the ground on your toes and forearms, you are using your core to keep your position tight.

3. Leg Throws: Laying on the ground on your back with your legs straight up in a 90 degree angle and bringing them down to about 6 to 7 inches from the ground while keeping them straight will focus on that over flapping belly button.

4. Knee Ins: This is another exercise to work those lower abs. With your legs straight and together and arms flat on the ground, you tuck your knees in and out. Simple, yet very effective in the fight against unwanted belly flap.

5. X Cross: Here you are laying on your back with your arms and legs spread out forming a “X” with your body. Take your right elbow and touch your left knee with it and visa-versa. We all know we despise those dreaded love handles and this exercise is designed to tend to that area of your core.

6. Bicycles: Not to be confused with the Lu Kang’s bicycle kick, no no no.. These bicycles are consistent motions of when your right knee is up your left elbow is up and visa-versa the other way. Keep your body in the crunches position while your hands are locked behind your head

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