Written By: Ms. In The Know and Photography by: Loso of Houston TREND

The spark of energy in the air at SF2’s Raw Talent show Thursday night at Warehouse Live was a positive boost to my day! Walking in, you were encompassed by a musical showcase put on by DJ Auditory which, in between sets, KEPT the audience’s heads nodding.  Backstage, Houston’s own Kickback Killa, Doughbeezy, began the night with a prayer that encouraged all the artists to do their best, then he welcomed the crowd and the fun began.

First up, KDogg:

Bar none, fade all. With as many pen names as one rapper should be allowed and armed with a sharp tongue, he opened up the show and got the crowd hype for the artists to follow and true to his song, he “Shut This Bitch Down”. As with most SF2’s shows, the Headwreckas were definitely in the building. Kab Tha Don and Doughbeezy accompanied KDogg on stage for their classic rendition of Still Tippin.

ET of VERSE Records:

Blessed with more than the sole ability to spit, ET from VERSE Records opened his act with the song “Have It All”. I had no idea this guy had a voice like that!! He followed with “B!tch I’m from Houston” which caught me off guard because it specifically included a shout out to Houston TREND.. Way to go ET!!

C4 of VERESE Records:

Following ET, another VERSE Records artist took the stage. Starting with an a cappella verse, C4 brought more of a trap rap flow to the show. Adding heavy hitters like Luke Duke and Young G to his set, C4 definitely gave the crowd a reason to look forward to his upcoming projects.


One of Kickback’s favorites, Trailblaze, was next up on stage. Toting the same fire that he consistently brings to all his performances, Trailblaze indeed proved why, as his song “Gotta Get It” says, within 4 years, his talent will allow his mother to no longer have to work a 9 to 5.


As the ONLY female Raw Talent performer derived from Kickback Sundays, Lyric, took the mic, the crowd was anxious to see what she would be able to bring to the stage. And bring it she did!! Lyric really let her hair down.. Literally!!  Never afraid to talk about subjective or controversial topics, Lyric makes you rethink the notion that artists aren’t able to bring depth and enlightenment with their performances.


Laced with the same energy that earned him the title Kickback Killa, Doughbeezy, the night’s first, and certainly not only, special guest hit the stage with a performance that defined what Raw Talent and Real Results mean for Teresa and Susie (Owners of SF2 and originators of Kickback Sundays and the Raw Talent and Real Results movement) And if that wasn’t enough, Dough brought Boss Hogg Outlaws’ own Le$ to the stage and he spit a few rhymes a cappella.

Young G:

The ability the follow a strong performance from the likes of artists such as Le$ and Doughbeezy is definitely not an easy feat, but Young G got on the stage and proved why his up and coming mixtape is named “Houston’s Most Wanted”. Bringing a solid mixtape flow, Young G is a true Kickback artist to look out for.


Commanding the stage, FlamesTime was up next. I’m not sure if the crowd was more intimidated by his biceps or his rhymes, but both packed a mighty punch.


Soon after, another special guest, Snow, took the stage.  Don’t be fooled by her petite stature, her ability to get the crowd hype and spit a fierce verse was one that she and her female counterpart on the showcase maintained with great pride as if carrying the Olympic torch.

Mac Fame:

Hailing from California, Raw Talent’s next performer, Mac Fame definitely brought a West Coast vibe to the stage. With songs that included features from Delorean and Doughbeezy and a performance that was second to none, Mac Fame is definitely a musical force to be reckoned with.


Truly an old soul, C.I.T.Y. (which stands for Creative, Intelligent, Talented, Young-Mind), a New Orleans native took the stage delivering an awesome show that was true to his versatile and boldly creative style. Performing with a band, it is evident while watching him that he truly respects and thrives to create classic works that embody his inner spirit and love for music.

Luke Duke:

Believing in and working hard for your dream is what Raw Talent is all about. The night’s final performer, Luke Duke, can definetly attest to that. Unapologetically admitting that he was a nobody and because of the opportunities being a part of Kickback Sundays has provided for him, he’s now able to see and is looking forward to the path his career is taking… And if by now, you haven’t figured out, “Who Is That White Boy” he definitely put you on notice. Luke Duke’s talent has been unmatched since his unveiling at Kickback and there is no stopping him now.

Finial Thoughts:

An opportunity to hear all these talented artists together in one showcase was a great representation of the various types of music styles that Houston has to offer. Stay tuned and make sure you follow @KickbackSundays and @HoustonTREND for more things to come!!!