Written by: Cecilia Smith of Houston TREND

Ever so rare is it to find two separate entities that can successfully merge into one; yet there are some who prove that a good artist can be made into a great one via a unique collaboration, as is the case with Houston duo All Day.
Former solo artists Tawn P and Preemo have banded together to form an eclectic sound uniquely their own; surprisingly, though their music sounds like the result of years of collaboration, their group was just formed earlier this year.

Explains Tawn, “We had both known of each other, I came to him with the idea of a group.” She adds, “I wanted to try something different to see how we would mesh. I’ve worked with a lot of people, but this is the first time it just felt right.”

Though before the duo came together, both gained their own experiences apart.

A noted singer in church while growing up, Tawn developed a passion for music and poetry at an early age. She would go on to land auditions at prominent shows like American Idol, The Voice, and would even go through a series of rounds for the famed Apollo, making it all the way to New York before getting cut in the 2nd round.

I made it through Houston and New York, that was something I had wanted since I was a child. That was the same stage that Stevie Wonder once performed on! says Tawn regarding her Apollo appearance.

While Tawn was honing her vocal skills, Preemo was busy shattering the stereotypical assumptions built around Latino rappers, by building a resume as an impressive lyricist.

Essentially a rolling stone, Preemo lived in a multitude of places, from California to South America, but would eventually come to call Houston home. Though the path to get there would involve both triumph and failure.

Even the story behind his name is an eventful one. Once called “Slim,” a common monicker in the Latin community, it was while partying over the border one night, that he found his actual stage name.

After being told “Hold up cuz,” while standing in line, this simple phrase sparked the idea to call himself primo, the Spanish equivalent of the word cousin.

Regarding the name switch from the more common Slim to Preemo he explains, “A friend said since I didn’t sound like these cats I should stand apart from them, and I agreed.”

Though the spelling of it would be switched from the grammatically correct Primo to Preemo due to trademark issues; it would be his lyrical skill not his name that would truly set him apart.

Preemo would go on to work with the influential, including Walter Milsap, more recently known as the force behind group Mindless Behavior. He would make his first official album, “The Arrival” after signing a deal with the Amanda Perez music group.

Unfortunately he would quickly learn that a major deal does not necessarily equate to happiness for an artist.

“They would change up my music, and I’m very personal with that. I just wasn’t happy with the music; I walked away and never looked back,” says Preemo.

Despite their individual setbacks on their individual quests for music fame, neither harbors any anger or regrets. “I’ve had the opportunity to travel, be in the studio and perform. All the dreams that I had as a child have come true. We may not be superstars but we’ve achieved more than a lot of other artists in that respect,” says Preemo of their individual success.

Thus when Tawn approached him with the notion of joining artistic forces, he was more than ready to accept this new challenge.

What wasn’t a challenge? Selecting a group name. AllDay was chosen off a street name located on the Southwest side of Houston, simple yet effective.

Explains Tawn, “Its a common term that you literally use every day. It works.”

Even more easier was the ease in which they slipped into their new partnership, both drawing on each others strengths to produce a melting pot of Hip Hop infused with an eccentric soul.

Says Preemo, “We’re both eclectic people. I think our big success so far has been the music itself.”

Attests Tawn, “We have a chemistry, it’s so natural and organic. I don’t want him to agree with everything but the good thing is we like a lot of the same things.”

Adds Preemo with a chuckle, “Usually if she likes it, I like it.”

Armed with the ability to effortlessly switch between song and spitting, the mohawked Tawn easily garners comparisons to the legendary Lauryn Hill; while Preemo has carved his own niche, avoiding being labeled as just another Latino rapper.

As they prepare for their first group album, aptly titled “Everyday” and tentatively set to be released in March, neither have allowed past frustrations to taint their future.

“I never gave up because I know that this is where I’m supposed to be. This is not a job, it’s a lifestyle,” admits Tawn before adding, “You have to have fun with music because it touches everything in life.”

Having already created a local buzz within the city of Houston, as they prepare for their album they look to reaching the ears of the masses.

“I don’t think we fit into a specific city or genre, we just want to make good music.  I like a lot of local artists, but for us I don’t think that we can be pegged as just a regional thing,” says Tawn.

Though if the love and support that they have received locally is any indication of the future, they should be just fine.

Advises Preemo, “There’s a reason that Houston is called ‘Hustle Town.’ If you have the grind you can win. There’s no excuse to be broke here.”

Nor is there any excuse for this ever evolving duo not to make it; great music should indeed be rewarded.

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