(Indie Spotlight) Got Nails? Nailtique by Coco

5051678467284_ORIG copyHard work and dedication are synonymous with success. Audrey J. Jefferson’s career is a testament of hard work and dedication. With nearly twenty years of experience as a business owner and proprietor, beginning at the age of twelve as a nail technician, Coco has contributed to what is now described as nail couture. GOT NAILS? BY COCO is not just an ordinary brand. As an industry leader, Coco has branded what many thought was just simple self-maintenance into art. As a manicurist, Coco creates styles and nail art that have others taking notice. Not one to name drop, Coco’s clientele are both elite and people to watch.

In speaking with Coco, people learn that she feels blessed by her humble beginnings, and it is those experiences that build character and mold’s us as individuals. And in only, seven years into her new life in Houston from the famous Nashville, Tennessee, GOT NAILS? BY COCO is already recognized and accepted as the leader in Nail Couture.  You can now schedule and pay online on this site. Coco is now certified as an Advanced Nail Technician. Book your appointment TODAY!

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