Written by: Kardhiac of Houston TREND

This past Sunday, February 3, 2013, the Super Bowl was played in the New Orleans Super Dome. Now, going into the season, the New Orleans Saints had all but punched their own ticket for a spot in the Super Bowl. Wishful thinking some might say, but to others, this way of thinking by the Saints was pure insanity. These naysayers weren’t just being proverbial “haters”; there are years and years of history that back up their negative thoughts. Reason being, NO and I repeat NO home team has ever made it to the super bowl when the game is played on their home field.

First and goal - American Football Now, this  is way more than an attention seeking conspiracy theory. If you connect the dots you’ll be able to realize that what I’m about to say makes absolute sense. The reason no home team has ever made the super bowl stems from a theory of profitable revenue gain and the stadium in which the game is held.

It can be perceived as a daunting task to not only ask a home team to well during the regular season, but want them to successfully make it into the depths of the playoffs and attain a guaranteed seat in the Super Bowl is another beast that most people just can’t seem to handle. In all fairness to the New Orleans Saints and their wonderful fans, it appeared their season was doomed from the start. Not only did Saints have to face one of their toughest schedules of the past few seasons, but they had to do so without their head coach, suspended for the entire season, but also the leader of their defense Jonathan Vilma as well. Even though they had flashes of greatness, they would not be able to go far with the league’s worst ranked defense and an offense that sputtered like an old car on its last leg; the task of making the Super Bowl wouldn’t be in the cards for Saints this year.

The fact still remains that on Sunday a game still had to be played and the Saints wouldn’t be part of it. Why, you ask? The answer is simple; the NFL generates almost triple the normal revenue during the Super Bowl due to mega commercials and sponsorships. But, the NFL is not the only entity that profits from the festivities. This will be the biggest pay day for the City of New Orleans as well.


Every true sports fan dreams of one day going to the Super Bowl. Add to that, the diehard fans from each opposing team that would flock to the hosting city by the thousands to see their home team take their shot at glory. Because of these things, I believe New Orleans wouldn’t have profited as much if their team was in the game because the majority of its fans live in the city and wouldn’t have to rent expensive hotel rooms for the weekend nor feed those extra dollars to Bourbon Street that those out-of-towners who are looking for New Orleans to, in my best Drizzy voice, ” Show them a good time” characteristically do. Some could go as far to say these home teams are paid off by the city or the league to miss their chance in the Super Bowl in order to maximize the chances of obtaining their biggest pay day of the year.

The choice is yours as Houston TREND readers to connect the dots and see exactly how much sense I’m making, or you could write me off as a basket case who has entirely too much time on his hands. Wake me up when the next super bowl is played by hosting a home team.