Written By: Artrmis Reign

When two talented artists such as Killa Kyleon and Doughbeezy come together for a long overdue and much anticipated reunion over the mics, it is not out of the ordinary for their fans to come out in droves. Thursday was no exception; Held at one of Houston’s popular concert spots, Fitzgerald’s, and sponsored by Act Badd Magazine, Killa and Dough brought Houston their “Watch The Chrome” concert.

Out the gate Luke Duke opened up the show and as always let everyone know just exactly what he has to offer. With solid rhymes and good beats, Luke Duke, since his big Houston debut during SF2’s Kickback Sundays, has always been a force to reckon with. Reigning from the Texas City area, the question is no longer, “Who The Fu*k Is That White Boy?” it is, “What The Fu*k Is That White Boy Gonna Do Next?”

This being my first show seeing Maxo Kream perform, I can say that he was rightfully placed amongst a great lineup of artists. Toting raw rhymes and catchy hooks, Maxo Kream brought the energy and ability to keep the show moving. While rapping he often would say, “Kream Clicc Bang;” and with a clique he DEFINITELY came. It’s always great to see supporters come and show out for their artist.

Rounding out the show Double Be definitely brought the IZMMMM TREEEZZZZ!!!! With a stage presence that can’t be denied, Double Be opened his act with “I Be Goin Ham” and went straight the **** ham and the audience followed suit. Whether you love his quirky demeanor or not, his ability to get the crowd hype is like no other and in classic HeadWreckas style, Double Be came, flowed and conquered.

When it came time for Killa Kyleon and Doughbeezy to arrive on stage, the audience was more than ready for their debut. Upon deciding to form their group, The Chrome, Killa and Dough wanted audiences alike to witness an undeniable musical chemistry that they share as artists. Hitting the stage with their self titled track “Watch The Chrome,” Killa and Dough lit the stage on fire. They followed up with hits off of each others albums such as Dough’s “Light You Up,” “Wake & Bake,” and “Head” and Killa’s “Soldier,” “Throwed Off,” and “Ballin’” just to name a few and as each song was performed, EVERYONE in the building rapped their lyrics like they wrote them themselves. There’s NO denying The Chrome and their ability to put on a good show, but even better still, there’s certainly no denying their individual abilities to produce great music that, when brought together, make other rappers want to eat a great slice of humble pie. Hope y’all are hungry because it’s time to Watch The Chrome.

Moments Captured by: Loso