R&B Still Lives In Houston – Brian Angel, Lee-Lonn, Denaron, Jack Freeman & Chris Huston

Written by Niki Jones of Houston TREND

There’s no doubt that Houston has been a breeding spectrum of some of the most notable southern rap artist to date, including a blistering pack of new raw underground talent.
As many individuals are quick equate the diverse city with only the legendary screw music, candy paint and car tipping, it’s far time Houstonians take heed to the R&B sensations that are emerging from the city of H-Town. R&B is, by far, one of the most pinnacle strings that orchestrates music today. Real R&B is not dead, and in fact it’s breathing well down south. Whether it’s the passionate crooning of Jack Freeman, the soft tender tone of Lee-Lonn, the raw emotion of Brian Angel, the up-tempo pop play of Chris Huston, or the feel good melodic vibes of Denaron, each of these singers contribute their own unique styles to the beloved R&B sound, giving the listener a different emotion from one artist to the next. These five singers are making vast noise, in the city of purple sprite, introducing the future of R&B.

March 2013 cover

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