(EP REVIEW) Roosh Williams Drobots: The Reboot

Written By: Niki Jones of Houston TREND


Houston rapper Roosh Williams, has undoubtedly proven to be one of the top rising underground rappers in this city, so much so that Simple Mobile teamed up with HipHop DX and Complex Media to present him with a game changing opportunity to put together an EP, solely produced by Like, of the Cali rap group Pac Div.

This five track EP produced by Like and mixed and mastered by J. Lacy, features songs with Like and Houston legend, Devin the Dude. Coming off the drop of his anticipated mixtape, Deja Roo: Times Have Changed, earlier this year, Roosh has been a little quiet, enough to have the city like WTF is he planning! Roosh checks every track on this EP, like its nothing, a revamp of an earlier mixtape “Attack of the Drobots”, let it resonate off the walls. ROOSH!

The Reboot opens up with “Blunt with You” rotating on a slow therapeutic beat, suitable for the title and a quick “session”. Roosh is a bit laid back, but still forceful with his rhymes of taking off to the top. As Like chimes on the chorus, completing the vibe, then transitioning into “Anotha Sucka” featuring Devin the Dude serving the hook in true fashion. “Got Me Fucked Up” is another track with a mild-mannered temperament, as Roosh vividly paints a picture of a past love, his competitive mannerisms and standing out amongst the rest. “Water” featuring Like, changes the climate as the beat picks up and Roosh opens up, unleashing his rapidly versatile flow he’s known for. On this track, Roosh definitely commands the beat. Only thing is that before you know it, it’s over but definitely worth a few more rotations. The EP closes with “Rdouble”. Roosh is verbally aggressive on this passive beat. “Rdouble” is Roosh at his rawest climate. His pedigree is ice as he rips over the last installment of Like’s production, rounding out the EP.

Drobots: The Reboot can pretty much be labeled a classic, with a classic feel and a real game changer. It definitely builds the anticipation for all that Roosh has in store next.

Drobots:The Reboot drops tomorrow!

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