#TRENDING Lady – Model Free

Coreigh Terry’s Behind the Shoot with Model Free

PicsArt_1383592733522Coreigh Terry:  Happy to finally catch up with you, you’re such a busy lady. 
Now I know you’re from Mississippi… Tell me what about your personality do you feel personifies that state? 

Free: I would have to say my hospitable nature. I’m very friendly and welcoming to people.

Coreigh Terry: You have a really unique features Free (a good thing)… Are you mixed with anything? 

Free: Thank you. I hear that from time to time. Yes I am mixed but as you can see I’m mostly black. lol

Coreigh Terry: Most may not realize but modeling is a steady grind… Full of frustrations, tons of flaky photographers and makeup artists etc. What keeps you positive through it all?

Free: With anything that you want to aspire in you have to concentrate on the positive with every bad photographer you can meet an amazing one and the same goes for MUAs or whatever. If you love it you will find ways to concentrate on the good. 

Coreigh Terry: What achievements model wise would like to attain in order for you to consider your career a success?  

PicsArt_1383592638423Free: Being published in a reputable magazine, seeing my face on some product….definitely something along those lines of advertising or high fashion. If I can pick up something with my face on it or in it I will feel as though I have achieved what I set out to do.

Coreigh Terry: Do you feel you have any unfair challenges as a model with short hair? 

Free: As long as there are wigs my short hair will never be a problem. 

Coreigh Terry: Talk about how you stay winning as a slender framed African American in a culture that’s dominated by models with D-cups, curves and rump shakers etc…

Free: I hear all the time that I am not a “video vixen” or “eye candy” type of model and I’m not trying to fall into that category. The goal is to put myself in front of those who are looking for the slender framed sister. As long as I continue to do that I can stay winning as you say.

Coreigh Terry: At this current moment, what project(s) have you worked on that your most proud of? 

Free: I am proud of the music videos that I have been allowed to be involved with. That’s something that I never saw myself doing.

PicsArt_1383592885638Coreigh Terry: What type of men do you seem to attract and why? 

Free: Hahaha…the kind that keep me wanting to stay single. No but seriously lately I have been attracting Earthy brothers. I’m not sure why but I know it’s something that I’m putting out there in the universe. I usually attract the thinker…the odd guy….the anime watcher but business man. 

Coreigh Terry: Tell your favorite fragrance on a man? 

Free: Whatever makes me lean in and smell his neck lightly…I’m not big into knowing those popular colognes but every now and again I will walk by a man and his scent will catch my attention. Last time that happened he was wearing Gucci Guilty.

Coreigh Terry: When its all said and done… And you look back at your work, what will make you most proud Free? 

Free: That I allowed myself to break out of a shyness that use to dominate me from even smiling. At the end of the day that’s what I’m most proud of…everything else is just a bonus.PicsArt_1383592552443

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