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    (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
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(Business Matters) Stuffferz Catering

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Written By: Niki of Houston TREND

995807_194213037400923_777068479_nStuffferz has to be one of Houston’s best kept secrets, seemingly because you have to know where to be, to get STUFFFED. No, that was no miss print or typo. There are three F’s in stuffed, truly drawing on the emphasis of how your taste buds will burst after chowing down on the “Best damn burger period.”

Donald Edwards aka The Truth, created Stuffferz merely off of a joke. “A few coworkers and I used to indulge pretty heavily in food and I would always start a conversation about how the food could be improved. Well one day we had burgers and I said, “Man this burger would be great if it had cheese and bacon stuffed in the inside.

BKqZDKgCUAMyrW4From there, Donald partnered up with his cousin Dre and Stuffferz was born in the spring of 2013. Stuffferz is a BBQ catering company and have been hitting the underground scene tremendously heavy. With aspirations on becoming a fully established restaurant and mobile food truck, Stuffferz has already created a relative buzz, catering several events including concerts at Warehouse Live, Fitzgerald’s and Fox Follow, for artists such as Doughbeezy, Delorean and Lunaface.

Most of our notoriety, at this point, comes from the underground rap scene in Houston. That’s all due to Teresa and Susie at SF2, for giving us our first opportunity to cater at Kickback Sundays. Honestly, without them, there might not be a Stuffferz and for that I am so eternally thankful to them.

BQxZyyqCcAEg0WzStuffferz also caters cruises, event gatherings and children’s parties, not only serving up the best damn burgers, but the menu is pretty STUFFFING. “Although we are best known for our burgers, we also provide a wide variety of other “smoked” menu items, like our “sticky” ribs, smoked fajita chicken links, The Porker (smoked pork chop sandwich topped with bacon) and bacon wrapped beef links.

Currently expanding their client list, working on the website (www.Stuffferz.com) and food truck, Stuffferz is certainly on its way to being a top food delight in the city of Houston. You can also be on the lookout for the release of a promotional mixtape “Soundtracks of a Chef” that will be available with the purchase of their food. So you can enjoy getting Stufffed, while letting the speakers blow, sounds like a win/win type of situation. “We’re mostly excited about the prospect of a food truck, which to be honest, is the main thing we are grinding for. So look us up, find us, and Come Get Stufffed!!!!!

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