(Music) Bee Honey -Just Be Cool

Written By: Niki Jones of Houston TREND


Though her project “Just Be Cool” has been out for a few weeks, it feels as though you could have heard it as soon as it was released via SoundCloud or two years later and still fall in love with her angelic voice. Bee Honey’s magnatic vocal pull, tugs on virtually every heart string, leaving an eccentric vibe resonating through the ear drums.

The Cali native now residing in Houston, is apart of The NUMB3RS Committee, along side rappers OneHunnidt and Basikasshole, to name a few. Bee Honey’s melodic composition captures the heart felt emotions that bleed over the beat. Full of love and life connotations, Just Be Cool is a project that places her in my thoughts of Janelle Monae coiled with a bit of Jhene Aiko and Tiara Thomas, based off similarities in their free-spirited styles. While listening to her sing, you cant help but to just be cool. Listen below!

Twitter: THEcoolestBEE
Instagram: flightofthebumblebee