(Sports) Kardhiac’s Take – The Not-So-Super Bowl

Written By: Kardhiac of Houston TREND

Super_Bowl_XLVIII_logoSuper Bowl has come and gone and some of us are still shocked at the beat down the Broncos suffered at the hands of the Seahawks. As we all know this game would put the number 1 offense in the league against the number 1 defense in the league. We all knew something had to give, and few of us thought it would be Denver that took the upper hand. However, almost none of us thought that they would have gotten blown out the way they did! Now if you look at the stats over the season that both teams had leading up to this game, one can conclude that we should not have been as shocked by the resulting score.

First and foremost, lets take a look at Denver’s opponents this past season. They opened up the season against the Ravens, who had a complete makeover on defense following their Super Bowl run. Manning set the record for touchdowns in a game, which is a great accomplishment, but lets be honest; who can’t score on a defense that was absent of future hall of famers in the likes of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Their next 5 opponents were the Giants, Raiders, Eagles, Cowboys and Jaguars. They racked up victories against these teams because the Giants defense, for a lack of better adjectives, is old and slow. The raiders have promise but lets be serious, who can’t beat the Raiders. The Eagles were formidable, but their defense has been their Achilles heel for years now. They beat the Cowboys in a high scoring shoot out. Even though it was a close game, it was ultimately decided by a late Romo turnover. Manning had his way with the Cowboys all night long. They beat the Jacksonville Jaguars and there isn’t much anyone can say about that game.


The Denver Broncos would go on to beat The Texans, Kansas City (twice), the Chargers, and the Redskins and so on. For the first time all season, the Broncos were challenged and felt the pressure was during the actual Super Bowl game. Manning could not get in any type of rhythm offensively and could not hold on to the ball long enough to do anything effectively. For the first time this season, the most protected quarterback in the league was knocked around and suffocated by the vicious Seattle defense. The Seahawks neutralized Payton Manning, scoring points off Denver turnovers and dominating on both the offense and defense side of special teams. Russell Wilson made the Broncos defense look like they had no business being on the field. This much anticipated match up turned into a very lackluster way to spend a Sunday evening.

So looking back at all of these facts, it should not surprise anyone that the Broncos lost in the Super Bowl the way they did. This game clearly meant more to the Seahawks and it showed. All season long teams have given the blueprint to stop Manning and the Seattle Seahawks were the only team to be able to do so.

Until next season people.

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