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hunnidtTo some, it may seem as though Onehunnidt has been slumbering off in the abyss for the past year since the drop of his Houston Press awarded mixtape, Keep It Onehunnidt, but the Jealous, TX, rapper has been anything but sleep. In fact, he’s alive and well and orchestrating his comeback. “Everybody thought I had been sleeping or thought I was being complacent or lazy by not dropping a project last year, but really I wanted to re-gather my thoughts and have a strategy behind it.”

Onehunnidt has been grinding consistently on his new project, Field Sobriety, slated to drop this month. “I have a collection of CDs that I’m working on right now and I’m going to put them out in chronological order. All of them have titles that are related to alcohol with a double meaning leading up to the last CD DWI. They’re going to talk about everything you assume that has anything to do with alcohol: the light life women, partying, drinking, sex songs, club songs, trap songs, but specifically in Field Sobriety, it’s a test of character. It’s me explaining that I do some time glamorize and partake in these things, but at the same time I know I’m growing up. I’m a man and I’ve already experienced a lot of that, so it might not necessarily be the right thing for me. The songs are going to transition back and forth, from both sides of the story because to me as a human being and a young black male in this society, nobody is the same way all the time. Nobody wakes up the same.”

With being an underground artist, Onehunnidt is very aware of the stipulations that are cast on many artists and himself to fulfill certain expectations, but for him its more about creating a relatable feel to his audience. “They try to put people in boxes, especially musicians. If you make intelligent music, they want you to be conscious and you can’t come out with a trap song. If Lupe Fiasco came out with a Chief Keef song, it would mess everybody head up. They put us in these categories and you kind of have to stick in that lane. I’ve never been that type of person to front and be something I wasn’t. If I can put out music that relates to different attitudes and moods, then it will be more real to people. My name is Onehunnidt for a reason. Field Sobriety is the first part of a bigger plan to explain all these different moods. Its also a different project because I’m talking about real life personal experiences. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done because its not for me anymore, its relatable to the people.”

OnehunnidtMany know Onehunnidt for pouring out his emotions into his music, on everything, from dealing with the passing of his brother and the tainted relationship with his father. When Onehunnidt faces obstacles its heard through his lyrics and the passion is tremendously felt, especially with his “Father’s Day” song. “If you listen to the song, it sounds really rough and I notice it a little more now. I wrote that song in like 10 minutes on my Blackberry. The first time I heard the beat it instantly came to me. Those are the best type of songs to me, when you don’t have to sit and think on it and you’re not forcing it. That’s a real life story. Those are my real emotions of how I feel about that situation and I had to do it. I was going through a lot and that relationship with my dad and how it was with my brother, still affects me to this day and I knew someone would feel it and I knew that I had to do it, so I wouldn’t walk around being this angry person without a way to explain it. That’s something we talk about on Field Sobriety, mentioning that you can’t treat the world a certain way because of what has happened to you in the past.

Being a part of The Numbers Committee, has also been an intricate part in Onehunnidt’s maturity in realizing that to be the best, you have to surround yourself with people who want to be the best.

I had to gather myself with people who wanted a change for themselves and the best way to do it as a unit and to support each other. I’m surrounded by people that I completely believe in and we are all different. You can’t put two of us side by side and personality wise or music wise it be the same and that’s how I know its going to work.

Never wanting to miss out on success, Onehunnidt keeps his grind synonymous with his dreams because just as big as his dreams are his hunger to support his family is even greater. “I struggle; I don’t sleep. We all have a purpose that we were made for and some of us never get to achieve it or even attempt. I don’t want to be that guy. If I have to die old with regrets, then I would rather die right now and since I’m not dead yet, I’m going to pursue this. I believe its going to be what puts my children through college, what gets my mama a house. A lot of people are depending on me and waiting on that, so now its not even an if I make it, it’s a when. Everyday I’m trying to put my pieces in order, so I can live up to all the potential that I was granted. Its inevitable.”

100Onehunnidt has freed himself from the past to make room for the future and his attitude has now transformed his musical abilities into a new perspective, allowing him to be who he was always meant to be. “Now I feel like I’ve come into my own. I’ve seen the ups and downs of rushing something and just giving it, trying to do too much for others and I’ve got to sit back and watch other people’s mistakes. I’ve seen that I can still be relevant without putting out a project, so now I know how to tie it all together and now its time to show people what I’m really all about. This is my real life therapy, my gift to the world, whether you like it or hate it. I think that I have a very exciting story and I’m still trying to get to the successful part. From this point on, there will be no doubt. This is my stamp to the world and from here on out you’re going to know that I’m one of the best that’s doing this.”




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