(Article) Ziyani Clothing – Forever Evolving

Written by: Niki of Houston TREND

SONY DSCZiyani Clothing is making its presence felt in the city streets of Houston. From Instagram, to music/fashion events, its signature stamped shirts, crop tees and hats have been seen draped on the bodies of many of today’s emerging musical artists, including Rich Homie Quan and Nipsey Hussle and that’s just to name a few. The Ziyani brand is comprised of a group of individuals determined to push the fashion stream to another level. Apache, Stacy, Rico and Kevin are building a brand of more than just signature tees, but a lifestyle brand. “Everything is different, new and fresh. There’s no re-trend the designs you see other than the logo, you’re probably not going to see them again. We go by seasons we are trying to be a brand. We’re trying to be Houston’s premiere brand and when building a brand you have to change with the seasons and that’s what we are doing.”


Currently displayed in one of Houston’s popular underground stores, SF2, Ziyani was established in September of 2013 and instantly caught wind to the streets. Its premature existence and the amount of support Ziyani has been shown thus far, has laid the foundation for more work to be put in to create a stronger line of product. “We have to alarm people that we’ve only been doing this a couple of months. The momentum took off really fast and we had to step back and catch our production up to the momentum. That’s what we are working on now. We’re working to get our designs stronger. We’re just trying to build for the future and this next collection we have dropping the middle of February. It’s a collage of everyone’s ideas and it just came together. We don’t want to be known as just a T-shirt company, we definitely want to be known as a clothing brand. We are dropping shorts and cargos next season.”

IMG_20131228_200106Although Ziyani is mainly quality designed t-shirts, the desire to delve into the fashion world is immense between the Ziyani camp and they are working consistently with transpiring into something more, but taking the time to produce a sound body of fashion. “We care about the quality of the shirts. Our slogan is forever evolving. We want to evolve, we want to grow. We don’t want to get stuck only in the hip-hop genre that we are currently in. We want to go over into a lifestyle brand and eventually come up and even go as far as making suits, but you have to build towards that. We will start off with shirts, then move over to maybe a jacket and pants. It has to be a gradual process; you can’t just jump to the end game and feel like you’ve made it.”

Keeping a unity, dedication, staying grounded and a firm marketing blueprint has been the playing point for these designers and it has been working in their favor and at this rate Ziyani will be one of Houston’s known clothing brands. “When you go with what you see in your environment, you can get inspiration from anywhere. We take inspiration from our environment, things that we see with the changes of trends, places that we’ve been. You want to incorporate that, you want to incorporate history into fashion and that’s what’s happening now. You just have to find your market. You have to start the trends. When you start the trends that’s a different thing all together. We want to represent greatness. When you Ziyani we want you to think they are at the top of their game. Just know that we are going to be here. We are not going anywhere.”




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