Waxaholics “2 Year On The Vinyl” Anniversary @ Double Cross Lounge

Written By: Jordan Lee of Houston TREND

IMG_5645Thursdays at Double Cross Lounge featuring The Waxaholics has become my “go-to” Thursday spot for the past year or so. It’s something about the atmosphere, the music, and of course, the people. The people including, Christian Pope (@say_blk), Ozzie (@ozzie_esco), Dj Good Grief (@grandgrizzle), and DJ BigReeks (@djbigreeks), all create an inviting ambience for their supporters that is appreciated and keeps people coming back EVERY Thursday.

February 20, 2014 marked the “2 Years On The Vinyl” anniversary for The Waxaholics. Yes, the sounds throughout the night were indeed produced by vinyl, scratching and all. The audience got to hear a mix of new school records with an old school feel and of course, old school records were played as well. The mixture of great music, including Hip Hop, both mainstream and underground, affordable drink prices, and MC’s and hosts that know how to keep the party going made the perfect combination for a spectacular evening.

Christian gave his thoughts of the evening:

“The journey has been fun. People enjoy the mix of old and new school (records). Its good to have DJ’s that understand the importance of vinyl and how to play what the audience wants to hear in a traditional, yet modern atmosphere.”

Houston TREND definitely agrees. 3 out of 4 stars go to The Waxaholics and their “2 Years On The Vinyl” event