(Review) Kirko Bangz – Progression IV

(The Turner Review) By: Gabby Turner of Houston TREND 


Kirko Bangz released the fourth installment of the Progression mixtapes. Currently on tour alongside Bun B, Kirko took some time to give his fans an earful of mainly freestyles to get their Kirko fix. The 12 track mixtape includes features from rappers Killa Kyleon, YG, Propain , and Yo Gotti and freestyles over a variety of instrumentals from Nipsey Hussle’s “Checc Me Out” to Justin Bieber’s “All That Matters”.

The mixtape begins with the signature name introduction of Kirko Bangz signature name and at this point of his career not much else is needed. We are then introduced to “Hoe” the only original track on the entire mixtape, featuring YG and Yo Gotti, while the title is self-explanatory, Kirko is letting these ladies know it’s okay to be a hoe, he respects their hustle. Kirko seems to reaffirm his appreciation for the many hustles of a woman in “Money Baby” in which he shouts out the many women of H-Town getting their paper. The mixtape takes a turn on track 7 “Check Me Out” feat. Killa Kyleon in which Kirko takes his claim as a well- known and respected artist following suit with “Fuck U” feat. Propain. The mixtape ends with the track “Love Rihanna”, a very cute ode to the pop star over Drake’s “Girls Love Beyonce”.  Overall a great mixtape and something to keep Kirko on our minds until his Atlantic Records debut this summer.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Definitely worth a listen!

Most Memorable Track:

“Check Me Out” featuring Killa Kyleon