Well he didn’t technically shut the whole city down, but President Obama and the First Lady did cause major traffic upon arrival. Many Houstonians had to succumb to immense traffic as Smith at clay street and I45 southbound were shut down. Now traffic is something Houstonians should be use to, but who is really ever use to this Houston traffic. Along with many others, President Obama was also greeted by former President, George W. Bush Sr. at the foot of Air Force 1.

The President’s arrival was preceded by the memorial service he and Mrs. Obama attended at Ft. Hood, following the mass shooting on April 2, by Ivan Lopez, which left four people dead, including Lopez and 16 wounded. Ft. Hood had not seen such a massacre since 2009, when Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Malik Hason, killed 13 people, wounding 31. He was sentenced to death on August 28, 2013.

While most of us were caught up in traffic, President Obama was on his way to a few democratic events here, including a fundraiser, in River Oaks, which would cost you about $64,000 to be able to rub shoulders with the President. For those a bit teed off about the traffic today, don’t worry, unless you have take I45 in the morning. All is expected to go back to normal tomorrow at noon after the President’s departure. His next stop will be to Austin for the Civil Rights Summit.