Relatable, dope, smoker’s anthem is what I think of when I listen to Houston’s own, Tim Woods, most recent LP titled TBA. From his lyrics, to the diverse production, along with the features, Tim definitely delivered with this project.

Tim has a very mellow tone in his music that puts you in a zone. His lyrics reflect a guy in his twenties trying to remain positive despite the struggles of growing up as a young, black man in today’s society. Tim has a way of conveying the message of realizing obstacles and adversity and conquering them by simply proclaiming “this can’t be the end of me (him)”. With a message like that, listeners will have no problem “Vibe’n Out” to every track.

Let’s get into the production of the project. Tim used a few producers including SMB, zJethro, and Trill Gates. The production gave its listeners a strong hip-hop vibe that set the tone for perfectly for Tim’s demeanor and lyrical delivery. The production alone evenly flowed and told a story. My favorite record, hands down, is “Planes” featuring FreddyING and produced by Trill Gates. It was hard to choose a favorite because I could easily listen to this project from beginning to end; and that’s straight through or shuffle.

A few lyrics form “Planes”:

I’m just running off of faith

This is my daily devotion
I refuse to just go through the motion

You got the self-esteem of a freight train
Niggas shooting at your dreams with an AK

With a project like this and a fan base that is growing as fast as Tim’s, it won’t be long before you start hearing the name Tim Woods everywhere.

You can download TBA for FREE at and follow Tim on Instagram @ibonedyourmom (lol)