(Article) Fashion – Meet Janice Cornwall

Written By: Jovonne Norris of Houston TREND

unnamed pic 3Remember the 90’s, the era when everything was so effortlessly cool, authentic, suggestive but not too exaggerated?  When it was dope to have your own sense of style, focusing on more of the grunge-inspired look, with a subdued color palette.  This entire movement was heavily influenced by Hollywood and the music industry, sparking the indifferent, anti-conformist approach to fashion.  The overall mood of that society was exceptionally defining.  Some even say that the essence of that decade resonated as more than just a passing fad, and still continues to receive recognition in the archives of fashion history.  Interestingly, these styles are not too drastically different than they are today.

We were able to catch up with someone who embodies the true essence of this decade, and shed a light on the proper way to fuse the casually cool and chic look with the high end modern feel.

unnamed pic 2Meet Janice Cornwall, fashionista & executive for Lambert + Associates, a fashion house with a network of international retail experts, specializing in the luxury market.  From trend forecasting, to scouting new designers, this company acts as the eyes and ears of the New York market.  Janice describes her role as being the perfect balance between business and creativity.  She tells us that her professional lifestyle contributes a lot to her personal style.  We all know that in the busy streets of NYC, you’re constantly on the go, so comfort is key. Because of this, she appreciates the understated beauty of simplicity, and that’s where she found herself incorporating trends that are reminiscent of the 90s.  Evoking her childhood, when she was a tomboy growing up, Janice explains how she adds a bit of androgyny to casual, cool, and chic.

“Lately I have found myself incorporating the 90s me, when I was a tomboy who stole all my brother’s clothes and had to have all the latest sneakers. I love pieces that are simple, yet interesting, so the cut and quality of the fabric is much more important to me than buying pieces based on trends and brand names.  Like wearing a simple white tee shirt with an edgy moto jacket, or sweat pants with a pair of killer heels.   I’ll do a pop of color occasionally through accessories or lipstick, but I like to stick to the idea of easy dressing, the look as if you didn’t try.  Effortless.”  Janice shares that mixing and matching high and low is ideal for her.  “I’m so that girl that will rock Zara and Givenchy!”

Janice elucidates her style being mainly influenced by her surroundings, whether it be through travel, art, nature, architecture, or just everyday people watching in NYC.  In terms of a specific person, she admires and has been influenced by Aaliyah.  “Her style takes me back to my childhood, when girls didn’t have to wear figure-hugging clothes to be attractive.  It’s that youthful and subtle sex appeal that, as an adult, I appreciate.  To this day, her style is still relevant and continues to inspire people.”

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Not only can Janice lend us a little fashion advice, and give us a glimpse into her industry, but she has another business enterprise up her sleeve.  “I currently work in buying in the fashion industry, but after studying abroad in Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing in Paris and Milan, I was inspired to the beauty industry, specifically in hair care.  I had a love/hate relationship with my curly hair growing up, but as I got older, I have learned to embrace that part of me.  The trials and tribulations of having curly hair is something only another person with curly hair would understand.  So, I plan on taking my experiences and creating a curly hair care line that simplifies the everyday curly girl’s life.  I am in the early stages of creating my line, so be on the lookout!”♦