(Breaking TRENDZ) MC Beezy

Written By Jordan Lee Of Houston TREND

MC BeezyMC Beezy, 25, is deemed one of the hottest young MC’s in Houston. But his legacy doesn’t stop at being an MC. From DJ’n, to being a music artist, to pushing his own clothing line, MC Beezy is making his mark in the industry.

Who is MC Beezy?

A Hoodlum! Nah just playing. Just a musician, young, trying to inspire.

How has your experience been with the Go DJ’s & MC’s?

It’s been a learning experience. We do a lot of networking. Right now I work with (DJ) Hi-C. He has an album out and I have a track on there with him. It’s always beneficial. I was doing my thing, MC’n. I used to go to the meetings and finally Hi-C hit me up saying “It’s about that time!

Where do you MC on a regular?

Wednesdays @ Dekan, Fridays @ Throne, Saturdays @ VENUE, and Sundays @ Limelight. MC’n keeps you in the mix and it helps with my showmanship. It helps me to capture the audience at all times.

How does the act of MC’n actually work? How do you get it done?

It all comes with experience. I pay attention to the ones before me; MC Kane, MC Qua, and even Hi-C. Knowing how to control the crowd and how to get them to react is the key.

Tell me about your current mixtape, Y.N.T.O.

Young Niggas Taking Over. I gave it a different sound. That was my first solo project. I don’t think the city was ready for it at first, but now people are gravitating towards it. So it’s still working. The title is a movement. I want to tell young niggas that it’s ok to turn up. The game has to evolve and at some point we (young people) need to take over.

Any new music out?

In about two weeks I have a tracl out called, “Send Her Home” featuring DJ Chose produced by June James (Swagged Up, I Be Killing). It will be on iTunes.

What can we expect from the next project?

New Lords is the name of the next project. Just more of me personally. I make a lot of hit songs, but I’m going to get more into my story, more of my opinion and perception of a lot of music, and I’m going to try to dig a little deeper.

What’s the connotation behind “New Lords”?

Well we already told the people we were taking over. Now we’re ‘New Lords’.

How was it working with Short Dawg?

We have a lot in common. He works hard. He has a lot of music and he’s constantly making more. He practically lives in the studio.

How does MC Beezy feel like he’s Breaking TRENDZ?

I definitely want to raise the bar. From the outside looking in, it looks like we only do things a certain way. We want to show people that there’s more than one way to do things. We want people to know that it’s OK to ‘do you’ and do things in a ‘different way’.

Define a “different way”.

I think what a lot of people, they’re afraid to do things their own way. A lot of people will dog you for doing things a certain way. They don’t want to really accept it. I just want people to give me their genuine feelings, even if it’s weird. I sing, rap and dance. There’s nothing that I don’t do.

What do you want people to take away from MC Beezy?

Enlightenment. I want to expand your mind a little bit. My music and my message is all positive. I’m no saint, but I always like to give out positive energy.