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Written By Gabrielle Turner Of Houston TREND

andrepitreFor those of you that think R&B is dead, think again. In the recent years we’ve witnessed a new rise to the genre and were introduced to many new artists transforming the R&B scene. With all of the transformations going on, the new rise of R&B music seems to be missing one thing, an old school touch. When you think of old school R&B you think of a story being told, intense emotions, and its ability to touch your soul.

In walks Andre Pitre. The triple threat’s sound is the epitome of what mainstream R&B seems to be lacking right now. Providing the soul of Motown and the sex appeal of Trey Songz, his music tells a story and appeals to women in a chivalrous way. One of the first songs we are introduced to by Pitre is “Your Name” which tells a story of a man in pursuit of a woman he is interested in and he starts with a simple request, to know her name. The video for “Your Name” provides us with a mature visual displaying a playful chase between him and the lady that has caught his eye, in which he tells her his hopes of getting to know her better and one day providing her with the love she desires.  The song is reflective to Pitre’s belief in being respectful to women due to his upbringing.

andre pitre 177 (2)The oldest of three boys, his parents made sure to teach them how to treat a woman. Growing up, Pitre connected to music listening to greats like Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, and Michael Jackson to name a few. Pitre recalls music playing a big role in his childhood. The first song he learned to sing was Jeff Osborne’s, “Greatest Love Affair”. He was also in the adult church choir by the age of 5. Even as a child it was clear he has a true passion for music. Pitre has a confidence in the uniqueness of his music, “no matter what is selling now or how different your sound is, if it’s your time it’s your time.”

Staying fit to appeal to female listeners and trusting God, has already gained him much success in his music, acting and producing. He has performed with Frankie Beverly and Maze and opened for artists such as Eric Benet and Lenny Williams. He currently resides in Houston and Los Angeles and has a production company called Tri Wen Productions with Charnele Brown. He can be found in works by Tyler Perry and David E. Talbert and his career only continues to grow. He’s also a pillar of his community, volunteering with and mentoring young children in Houston, Los Angeles, and Beaumont.

For Pitre, there is still hope in R&B and great artists out now from Justin Timberlake to Tank and many more. We can soon expect a release of Pitre’s single “I Need You”. He is currently working on an album and will be doing a tour to promote the album. Pitre also has some indie films in the works and his first major film, Coffee Klatch. With advice to stay humble, keep God first, and stay true to himself, the passion and time he puts into everything he does, we can expect to see so much more from him. Keep your eyes and ears open for the new R&B sensation Andre Pitre.

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