(ARTICLE) It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye


Over the last 12 years, Houstonians has been able to witness a young rookie progress into a Hall of Fame caliber player, and sad to say the long journey is ending.


Previously Andre Johnson had plans to retire a Texan, but recent disagreements with the team and their business judgments have led him to make the toughest decisions of his career, pack his bags and switch up his scenery. Houston is not only loosing a HELL OF a Football player, but a man who cared about his community a ton.

It has been routine for Johnson to partner up with the Harris County Department of Family Protective Services. Every Christmas he arrives at Toys R Us and for 80 seconds children ages 8-16 get to rip through open aisles, pulling once-unthinkable items off shelves and placing them in the basket without any worries. Johnson made things seem possible for the kids, he gave the youth a positive role model to idolize, and it will be hard to imagine him suiting up in anything else besides red white and blue.

Toys R Us Give away

Loosing Johnson might be one of the tougher pills to swallow for die heart Texan fans. The man has basically all of the receiving records for the franchise, and is arguably the most talented Texan ever. Here’s a list of the accomplishments and timeline Andre leaves behind with the Houston Texans.

NFL Records:

  • Only player with 60+ receptions in his first 8 seasons

  • Most games with 10+ receptions in a season: 7 (tied with Wes Welker)

  • Most seasons with 100+ receptions: 5 (tied with Wes Welker)

  • Most seasons with 100+ receptions and 1,400+ yards: 4

  • Most games with 10+ receptions

    Franchise Records:

  • Most career receptions (1,012)

  • Most career receiving yards (13,597)

  • Most career receiving touchdowns (64)

  • Most receptions in a single season: 115 (2008)

  • Most receiving yards in a single season: 1,598 (2012)

  • Most receiving touchdowns in single season: 9 (2009)

  • Most seasons with 100+ receptions: 5

  • Best receiving yards per game average (season): 99.9 (2012)

  • Most starts: 154

    The number 80 will forever hold a place within Texan football history, and as a hardcore Texan Fan I wish nothing but the best for Johnson. So Long Andre! Thanks for the AMAZING run!