(Breaking TRENDZ) Rosewood Thievz

Written By Gabby Turner


This is the true story of 3 friends; 2 of which were living in a house and all of which were chasing their goals. Find out what happened as they stopped chasing them individually, joined forces, and began bringing the groove. The Rosewood Thievz……

What is better than one mind blowing trend setting artist? Three! In walk Rodeo Joe, Big Game James, and Killa Swami. Three musically talented guys who, together, form the group Rosewood Thievz. The group began on Third Wards very own Rosewood Street, where Killa Swami and Rodeo Joe were roommates. All with musical backgrounds, it was not long before hanging at the house with Big Game James, drinking, laughing, and listening to music, turned into freestyling and becoming the start of something great. Within those freestyles, came the name Rosewood Thievz. All athletes, the line and name giving the feel of a team stuck. And from that day forward, the team moved and created together as the Rosewood Thievz. Relying heavily on each other, as a team does, the group writes and produces all of their own music, putting the INDEPENDENT in independent artists.

IMG_0252We first got to witness their unique sound on their mixtape Enter the Terrordome. Terrordome being a nickname for the house where the group began and where some of the music for the mixtape was recorded. With songs like “Wild Zebra”, a song about an ex who later turned stripper, and “On top of the GRB/Cost of your love”, referencing the George R Brown Convention Center and a tune you can’t help but to groove out to. The mixtape definitely provides you with interesting stories, perspectives, and Houston vibes. Since Enter the Terrordome, Rosewood Thievz have given us singles like “RIP Astroworld”, leaving us nostalgic for what Houston used to be. Being able to share those memories through grooving with an audience member who may not have been to Astroworld when you were, but we all somehow knew and could recall the same experience that Rosewood Thievz were talking about. Each with their own individual style, voice, and ideas, along with musical influences ranging from S.U.C., The S.O.S. Band, ConFunkShun, Slave, to New Jack Swing, and Rock, the group blends perfectly together. They create an eclectic sound that cannot be classified by any one genre out today and instead, are creating their own sound that the group can only describe as “groove” or “groovaciousness”.  From Big Game James acting in Julius Caesar in Scotland, to their initiative and desire to learn the instruments used in their music, their exploration and emergence into many aspects of the arts help contribute to the idiosyncratic style we get to experience today.

Even though their sound is not the norm, its universal, and they have the goal of one day reaching the mainstream audience, but remaining true to themselves and their sound and continuing to create their own music. With independence, there is a desire for better facilities. However, the group is more concerned with creating quality music.

“A lot of people have access to those things [facilities] and its [the music other artists put out with access to those facilities] is still terrible.”

IMG_0153When asked about barriers along the way to commercial success and support, the group agreed the only barrier is yourself. “People in your immediate area, it may be hard to impress. It’s just the proximity, but it is not really a barrier because they are watching. They just haven’t been told its okay to groove and to like us. It was a time we were trying to get everyone, especially friends, to come to our shows. But once we stopped caring and was like ‘here is the flyer whoever comes, comes’, there were strangers with no preconceived notion about us there grooving with us. We have received more consistent support from strangers than friends.  We love and appreciate them [supporters] for that. The barrier is yourself you can go with the tide of sh-t that’s being put out there or [continue creating the music you want to create]. When you know the reason you are doing it, there are no barriers. For that reason, music is [our] life. The only thing keeping [us] sane. Outside of family and friends, music was the only thing [we] ever loved. This is not a hustle or a come up. If this was a come up, we would make what everyone else is making.”

With a motto of “get the show on the road”, the group has done just that. From open mics, house parties, concerts, to grooving in parking lots, Rosewood Thievz continue to provide music that unifies people and makes them feel good.

What can you expect at one of these shows?

Along with people grooving together, you get quite the performance, raw energy, dancing, and matching outfits, you’re in the right place. You’ve just walked into a Rosewood Thievz show. “Have you ever seen Duck Tales? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Power Rangers? The Dream Team? The greatest shit ever that you’ve seen… They were dressed alike. Every championship anything, has worn the same shit. We out for the ‘ship’. When you see us know we are coming to take the ‘ship’. We dance while we make our music, so of course we dance on stage. Our dancing is like the uniforms and it makes for a better live experience.”


What’s next for Rosewood Thievz?

Currently the Rosewood Thievz are working on an album and have a single they will be releasing with “two ridiculous smashes on it and will also be putting out a mini music series. “Every day for three weeks, at 7:13pm, we will be releasing a new Rosewood Thievz song.” There will be non- album tracks available on www.RosewoodThievz.com. In the meantime, you can find their music on www.RosewoodThievz.com/music , Soundcloud, YouTube, or stop by a show and see for yourself. Their story is not over; it is only beginning. You do not want to miss these trend setters. Witness what the groove has to offer.