(Breaking TRENDZ) Sobe LASH

Written By Gabby Turner of Houston TREND

Photos By: MAKAVELLIOT of Houston TREND

Sobe 2Sobe LASH is an urban punk/pop artist with a sound that fuses the 808 drums of hip hop, guitar of rock, and the musical rebellion of punk. Many years ago and for a brief moment, Sobe LASH was in a group called Lash. The group didn’t work out. However, she still really liked the name Lash, its ambiguity and its true expression of her and how she loves to lash out. After expressing to her production manager on how much she liked the name, he replied, “So be Lash”. And from that moment on she was.  Sobe recalls always being into music. Singing at the age of 3 into a hairbrush and continuing to have that interest and passion throughout middle school, high school and her adult life.

Sobe has since provided us with The Freakshow mixtape, The Freakshow EP and The Breakdown EP, including the song “The Breakdown”, which captures so much of her personality and a bridge where she so nonchalantly sings I don’t have a bridge. You know I don’t give a fuck”, and “Free Pussy Riot”, reiterating that she is unbothered by the constraints of society, all for sexual freedom, an advocate of girl power and that her only concern when it comes to opinions is her own. As a listener, if you were self-conscious or constrained before pressing play, as the song plays, your confidence starts to increase and you soon find yourself not giving a care either and feeling way sexier than you probably are, but that’s okay. Sobe has achieved her goal, making you feel empowered and okay with the decisions society may have judged you for.

Sobe 3With musical influences like Spice Girls, Pink, Nirvana, Marilyn Manson and her producer broadening her interests even more, Sobe has a sound that is truly her own and a true love for performing. When at a Sobe LASH show, you can expect a lot of energy and to be completely entertained from start to finish. The show includes live instruments, a little bit of clothing being taken off and Sobe dominating the stage, unable to stay still. Therefore, the audience follows suit and is unable to ignore the adventure a Sobe LASH show takes them on. Through her music and performance, Sobe makes listeners feel happy and upbeat, groove out and understand her subliminal messages. The independent artist has faced some obstacles on the road to success as a female and independent artist. However, Sobe likes being independent because she gets to keep her creativity.

With many accomplishments, Sobe feels she will know she has reached her personal definition of success when she is on tour, everyone knows her, internationally known, able to survive or be successful solely on music, and to be able to be at a level of success while doing Sobe’s music and Sobe’s music only. She is not that far from her goal. From having her music played in London and being featured on the international blog TYCI, to having her own Pandora station and a successful Fuck Cancer Tour, of which she donated the proceeds to Let’s F Cancer, in honor of her dad and aunt whom she lost to cancer.

What’s next for Sobe LASH?

Sobe hopes to one day have a world tour, her brand everywhere and having more international airplay. She currently has a segment on The Rapp Show called “Sobe on the Spot” that can be seen on Comcast Channel 17, AT&T Uverse Channel 99 or online www.hmstv.org.  Sobe hopes to make a lot of buzz with her third EP The Breakout, which will feature “Fun Ride”. Right now her music can be found on her website www.SobeLash.com, iTunes, Soundcloud, Pandora, Amazon.com, Google Play, and Reverbnation. Also, be sure to check out a performance and experience the fun ride first hand. Sobe LASH is an artist that just wants her fans to know she works hard in everything she does, but her music and fitness comes first. Ready to make international strides, Sobe LASH is an artist unafraid to go against trends and set her own. Ready or not. Sobe LASH’s music, personality, and stage presence commands you to pay attention. Sobe is an artist you do not want to miss.

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