(Entertainment) Minister Louis Farrakhan to Jay Z: Keep Beyoncé Covered

A recent interview with Hip Hop Since 1987 offered the Nation of Islam’s leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, a chance to speak on a subject he’s never talked about vividly in the media. When asked about his thoughts on the sexual exploitation of women in the music industry, not only of them, but by them, the prominent minister, kept it nothing less than real, mentioning artists such as: Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and even sending a direct message to rap mogul Jay Z, on his multi-platinum wife and sex symbol, Beyoncé. Telling Jay Z he wants to see Beyoncé “covered up”. “Jay Z is a good man. Jay Z is a good manager, but now your woman is on display. Do you want men looking at your woman, being tempted by your woman, to make advances at your woman,” he said.

He later adds, “To my brother Jay Z: As much as I love and admire you, I want to see my sister, Beyoncé, beautifully covered…You’re responsible.”

Now Minister Farrakhan is no stranger to voicing his opinion on anything let alone the hip hop culture and today’s musical influencers, but within expressing his thoughts on this saturated matter, did he also shed some light and some truth? Was Minister Farrakhan speaking ether or nah?