(News) Man arrested in Willowbrook Mall speaks out

Over the weekend 22-year-old Jesse Valdez was arrested in Willowbrook Mall, on the Northwest side of Houston, after being forcefully thrown to the ground by a deputy who asked him to stop riding an electric scooter board. Jesse Valdez had been riding through the mall on the popular scooter board, when a deputy was called by the mall to enforce him to stop. According to the mall, it is illegal to ride the scooter in the mall. Upon the deputy’s arrival things ensued, causing Valdez to be forcefully thrown to the ground and being arrested. Yesterday an emotional Jesse Valdez spoke out on the incident. “It hurts me! I’m really hurt by that. I watch the video when I got out of jail. Brings tears to my eyes…..it happens way too often.”

Watch more below.

Video courtesy of Fox26houston.com