Written by Chelsey “Chello” Cummings

Let’s face it, how many times are you going to tell yourself that today is the day
that you’re going to make a positive change in your life? What’s really stopping you
from achieving everything that the world is more than willing to give to you? Let’s
hit the target areas to figure out before you can truly become that bad ass you were
created to be!

What are the areas that I feel like I’m way below average on?

Finances: Are you in the right field when it comes to your career?

Personal Relationships: Do you feel like the relationships that you encounter have
a negative impact on you? Are the people you surround yourself with making sure you
are reaching your potential?

Spirituality: Are you not praying enough? How stable is your relationship with God?
How much time do you spend equally being grateful for the good, and continuously
praying when things get bad? Click to read more.

Target what is preventing you from becoming above average on those things that you are below on.

Fear: Many, even myself are fearful of what we could possibly become. Fear will
prevent you from taking risks that could possibly put you in the position to have
an amazing life.

Personal Relationships: Again, the people you surround yourself with can have a
major impact on you not reaching your full potential. Are the people in your circle
encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone and aim for higher goals
consistently? Do the people around you have certain skill levels that you aren’t
fully developed on so that you can learn and gain the same skills? The people you
surround yourself with should be mastered in certain skills that you are not too
comfortable with so that you can learn and grow from them.

Do what needs to be done, to become above average.

Let go of fear: The moment you begin to realize that you are your only limitation
and that fear is only a figment of your imagination, you will then begin to live.
What you choose to use as an output to the world (anger, regret, worry, hate) the
world is going to return the favor and give it right back to you.

Target all those doors you haven’t closed yet: Mend those relationships that you
played more than half of a part in ruining. Life is too short to have or hold
grudges. Be the bigger person.

Find the career meant for you: Not making enough money? Find a better freaking job.
Don’t like your manager, find a new freaking job. Your job doesn’t make a way for a
stable and worry-free, happy lifestyle? FIND A NEW FREAKING JOB.

Life is so simple. Don’t like it, fix it. Don’t talk about it, don’t pretend to be
passionate about change when you can’t put actions forth so that you are able to
have a secure, fear free life so that you can achieve everything that this world has
to offer you. Realize that there are so many opportunities in this world and they
can all be yours if you just go out and get them. The universe will only tell you
no, if you tell yourself no.

Cheers to progression, cheers to an amazing life.

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