(Article) The Draft- More than just a music showcase

image (1)The leading false perception in the music industry is, if you’re talented then you’ll succeed. If that was the case, your one homie, with them hard ass bars that’s always reciting raps, would have been on BET Jamz by now.

His or her’s music would be captivating the world as you’re read this article.
But it’s a reason why your one homie isn’t on the world’s radar right now. If that artist is truly talented, then most likely he or she lacks the knowledge that could take them to the next level. And that’s exactly what The Draft offers.

The No.1 underground hip-hop showcase held once a month in the House of Blues Houston is more than a platform for artist to gain local exposure. The Draft offers micro buzzing artists the mastery that could propel their career from the underground to the top.

“I kept seeing artist going to these showcases and not really getting any substance from it,” said Charlie Hustle of Hustle and Company, one of the founders of this event. “They’ll get a trophy or a prize or something. To me that’s nothing if you’re not telling them what they need to do get to the next level.”…..Read more.

If you didn’t know, there are two sides in becoming a successful artist. There is the part that everyone loves, which is the craft. And there’s the part that everyone doesn’t know about, the knowledge.

Hustle and company teamed up with Houston’s Strip Club Trappin Djs, Whitehead Haller Management, and I Assist to create a platform for underground artist to of course display their music to people such as DJs and fans, but to also education talented artist and provide them insightful information that’s need to get over the hump.

Right now The Draft is a four-day event from Nov.5-8, but has the potential to be a convention.
Hustle said, “I want to just as the big as the Coalition DJ Conference,” in five years.

Day 1 of The Draft is Nov. 5: The DJ Meet and Greet. It gives participating artists a chance to get personal with many DJs. Instead of nagging with DJs at clubs with hopes of them hearing your music, the meet and greet provides a networking setting and atmosphere where DJs are there for that reason. They come in with the mind set of hearing artist, their music and to provide expertise on the industry.

Day 2 is Nov.6: Media Day, which allows the artists to mingle with other participants, local artists, D.Js, producers, hip-hop magazines, bloggers, radio personalities and fans.
DJ Shante of Houston’s 93.7 the Beat radio, stopped by and she said she just wanted to come show love to the underground artist.

Megann Lundquist, also known as Miss Megann of I Assist was present. She a well-respected and well-connected assistant, who’s known for making a dream become a reality, is in tuned with all of the little things that artist don’t know and want to do.

She has connections with any everything involved with media relations. She also is connected with some of the best people to work with artist and their litigation- paper work, contracts, copyrights, patents.

“I like it because I get to stay in tune with the underground artist,” she said. “We are giving them the proper tools to exceed the underground and go to the next level and I like seeing that.”

Day 3 is Nov.7: The Sock Drive. This is a very important event. Like stated earlier, being talent is marginal when it comes to succeeding in the industry. Giving back is pivotal. The sock drive is a great opportunity to put your philanthropy on display.

Day 4 is Nov.8: The Draft showcase. Each artist will have the opportunity to perform live in a pack House of Blues crowd. The House of Blues is one of the biggest stages in the city and rare of any artist to grace their stage. This is a competition and the four judges are GT Mayne from 979 The Box, DJ Chuck T, Sincere and Big Swift. The winner gets a slot on the Strip Club Trappin Tour, a 500$ cash prize and a distribution deal from Southwest digital.

Psyco Sid of So Kul entertainment is a local artist from Houston’s third ward. He was the winner of the Draft the first three times of existence and said the showcase is recommended for underground artist. He said his career has blossomed since then.

“Since I won the draft, I was introduced to Live Nation, I opened up for Wu-Tang, and watched my fan base increase,” he said. “This event is good because of the people you’re going to be associated with. You’re going to be around the right people.” Psyco Sid’s single “Am I” is now on I Tunes.

The Draft is not only limited to Houstonians. BMG, better known as Boss Money Gang is a rap group from Galveston and are participants of The Draft. They are very confident they’ll come out on top regardless of being underdogs. They said that feeling is nothing new to them because they have been underdogs their entire life.