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Rizzoo Rizzoo Itz Hot Sauce mixtape is cutting up in the rap game

Written by Kevin Keise

A famous American politician and author, John Barrow, quoted, “If you never try, you’ll never know what you’re capable of.”

This phrase couldn’t apply more to The Sauce Factory’s hook master, Rizzoo Rizzoo.

Rizzoo, the Flava God wasn’t always a rapper and didn’t think he had what it took to be one, until he received some valuable advice from one of his TSF camp mates.

He accredited Sauce Walka for the inspiration to start making music.

“The first person whoever told me to rap was Walka,” said Rizzoo, also known as the Flava God.

FullSizeRender“I used to be a behind the scenes dude and a promoter. One day I was playing around in the studio, Sauce Walka heard me and told me I had flow and I should really consider rapping. After that, I recorded my first hook ever, Flava in ya ear, off the In Sauce We Trust mixtape and the rest was history.”

Since being motivated by Sauce Walka, Rizzoo has been recognized as one of the best newcomers in the game right now.

In the Houston’s music scene, Rizzoo is known to be the go-to guy for flaming hooks. Vibe Magazine quoted him as “TSF’s most intense member”, and his recent released mixtape, Itz Hot Sauce, hosted by Sauce Wave, DJ Voo and famous Atlanta DJ Lil Keem, is doing numbers as you read this, 28k views and counting.

If you didn’t know who Rizzoo was before, you’ll get a good sense of who he is from Itz Hot Sauce.

The first thing you’ll notice on Rizzoo’s new tape is his work ethic. It’s no secret why almost every song he gets on makes the radio, or why he has worked with the hottest artist not only in Houston, but also in Atlanta. People honestly respects Rizzoo’s craft and the effort he puts in.

His fellow Mo Gang and TSF member, Rodji Diego, another TSF member Sosamann and one of Houston’s hottest lyricist DoughBeezy, all praised the Flava God on his work ethic.

“Man Rizzoo is one of the hardest working niggas I know,”said Diego, who he collaborated with on the hit Mona Lisa. “He been putting in a lot of work for a long time even before he started rapping. He just started rapping and he’s killing niggas who been doing it.”

“Rizzoo is a real talented dude man; he’s really talented. If I need a hook and I need it to be hot, I go straight to him.”

“I saw him (Rizzoo) working in the studio on Instagram and I commented him telling him to send me that (the hit song Mona Lisa) and the rest is history,” said DoughBeezy.

You’ll also see Rizzoo’s progression. Typically he is known for hooks only, but on the songs F**k Up The Party and Make It Count, you’ll find out that he is now doing full verses.

“I’m always striving to get better man,” said the Flava God. “I had the hooks and from me building off that, I was able to put a few verses together here and there and I’m liking the reactions I’m getting from the people.”

DoughBeezy also likes the progression Rizzoo is making.

“It’s exciting to see and I’m not just saying that because I’m a rapper. It’s exciting because I really seen him getting it out of the dirt and taking nothing and turning it into something.”

The next thing you’ll notice on this tape is his unique bleed of Hip-Hop and rock star sound and style.

“I stay in my own lil lane, my lane is rock star,” he said. “I like making rock star music, I like doing rock star things, jumping in crowds, straight Mosh Pit ass shit.”

He has a super energetic rap swag and personality.

He doesn’t articulate a lot of metaphors in his lyrics, but you’ll still feel what he’s saying and he displays that on his more personal and meaningful songs “Trust Issues” ft. Lucci, “Shoe Box” ft. Scotty ATL and “Make it Count” ft. Sosamann.

Lastly. Although he reps the Northside of Houston, which he refers to as Baghdad, to the fullest. He doesn’t want to kill anybody; you’ll see that he’s just an overall cool dude and it’s evident by the songs and features on his tape. He’s so cool that he merged Houston and Atlanta together with no problems on Itz Hot Sauce.

“I feel like Atlanta is the Black Hollywood and if you want to be heard, you have to go through the A. That’s why I got some hot Atlanta artists on my tape and I got DJ Lil Keem to host it. Atlanta fuck with me and I fuck with them.”

The feature list of Itz Hot Sauce includes: TSF of course, XO, DoughBeezy, Lil Uzi, Cool Amerika, Danny Brown, Fat D, Maxo Kream, A$AP Ant and Lamb$ and Lucci.

Rizzoo is the guy who’s provocative. He wants to get the people going in an exciting and entertaining way.

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