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INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Kiara Craft Takes R&B By Storm

Indie Spotlight 0 April 03, 2016 788 Jordan Lee


Musician. Visionary. Dreamer. those are just a few words that Kiara Craft uses to define herself during her contribution to the music industry. She believes that with ‘hard work, dedication and a little elbow grease’ she can turn ‘nothing into something.’

Craft, 38, describes her music as ‘Underground R&B’ that may sometimes be classified as ratchet R&B and Trap R&B. While being partnered with her Hip Hop producer husband of 19 years, they’ve created a sound that reflects an ‘edgier form of R&B’ in which they use their life experiences for inspiration.

I feel like there’s nobody like me in the industry. The married woman that’s still lively, that still turns up. I feel like that woman is not being represented.

My music is for that modern black woman. She’s that corporate chick that listens to Future and Drake, but she still is professional with conservative values.

While Craft definitely is jamming Drake and Future, she also enjoys other artists like Jazmine Sullivan, Travis $cott, Kanye West, Beyonce, Chance the Rapper and others from back in the day like Diana Ross, Aaliyah and Brandy.

Kiara highlights that she gets asked the question, ‘Why do you curse so much in your music?” Craft answers that question, ‘They expect different of me because of my age, because I’m married, and have children that are teenagers. But that’s not we are. They expect for when people are a certain age or a certain level in your life to stop being you. I’m still going to be me despite everyone’s expectation.’

Craft, also an experienced vocal coach, takes her own vocals tot he max while performing. Between her sultry rifts and extensive range, Kiara’s voice definitely wows.

Her current single, ‘Rumor About Love’, she talks about her take on loving her significant other and how others may not understand.

somebody tried to tell me that this sh*t don’t make sense / it only works if you stick to the basic bullshit / I heard a rumor about love

On being an independent artist.

Being independent to me is liberation. I can be reborn without shackles and with our chains. I can create my path and there’s tools now to help me do it. The world is ready to be independent and to do things on their own without the brick and mortar establishment telling you how and when they want something.

On being over 30 in the industry.

When does being young mean that you’re the most prolific? I didn’t learn sh*t that I know until I got a little older. Why is the youth the only ones that have a voice, yet they have no experience in life? Why are we only listening to the message that comes from an untrained and un-lived life. We should stop putting time limits on people’s value. At 38, I have a lot more guidance and focus and I can help more people. I understand the significance of the dream. If I would have done this at 20, it wouldn’t feel the same as doing it at 38. I respect it a lot more at 38 then I would have at 20.

Her advice to the striving artist over 30.

Stop what you’re doing if it’s not making you happy. You don’t have to be afraid. Because throughout life, everything that we’ve been afraid of, we’ve experienced at some point. We’ve all learned that there’s no monster hiding underneath the bed. We’ve all learned that you can come back from being broke. We’ve all learned that there’s always renewal within tomorrow. Being afraid is redundant. You’ve already proven to yourself that the things you are afraid of is a lie.

Kiara and her husband also have a production company partnered with two others (Senze and Miller) deemed The Golden Hen Collective. The Craft family wants to make Houston the musical home to artists by making more use of Houston’s producers and major studios.

Meanwhile, Kiara is gearing up for the release of her album which is set to be released later this spring.

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