@SnoDoe713 teams up with @Haroldlujah213 for a Houston smash “Hands On Me”

SNO Doe, “Hands On Me,” is a for sure banger! One of the hottest songs I’ve heard coming out of Houston in a while. This isn’t any of the new hipster style rap, nor animated music. This is real live quality street music. If you’re apart of the universal hood struggles, then I guarantee you is going to feel this song.

The song is very basic, but it’s deep. The name of the the song, “Hands On Me” is redundant through out the song, but it’s genius because he’s telling you that you can’t touch him and the people who he named through out the song, will make certain, you don’t. Everybody has people that they feel that same way about. That’s what makes the song so real.

Sno Doe and Haroldlujah both cleverly, jumped on their verses similar, it flows perfectly. They both showed off on “Hands On Me.” Summer time smash guaranteed. Get used to hearing “Hands On Me.”

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