Laced Fam or “the dudes with dreads and the bread,” as they would say, are making a clear statement that they are legit rappers in Houston. This “Panda Lacedmix,” proves it. Not only did TreLacedUp, GhostDaPreacher and FritzLacedUp kill it, the got the official stamp from the People’s Champ, Paul Wall.

This has been a very busy 2016 for Laced Fam, as this year alone they have three features with all Houston majors. This Paul Wall feature is coming off the Sosmann feature they did on “Get It Back,” which came off a feature they did with Trill Sammy on “You Know It.”

This year shows how consistent they’ve been since coming in to the Hip-Hop game. Their progression is evident in their body of work. In 2013 when they released their first mixtape Laced Up Society, the project had no features from any active Houston rappers. Since then, they have worked with almost every popping up and coming artist in Houston.

Paul Wall has done an honorable deed for Laced Fam. By him cosigning them on their “Panda Lacedmix,” the door has officially opened for them. Getting in the door is one thing, but staying is another. Laced Fam has proved to be fairly consistent, but the past means nothing now. Are they here to stay? We’ll see. But this “Panda Lacedmix” track is dope!!!!!!