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iAssist Showcase puts on for underground artist tomorrow at Warehouse Live Houston

iAssist Showcase puts on for underground artist tomorrow at Warehouse Live Houston

imageIt’s every local artist dream to be in the right place at the right time in hopes of getting discovered. Well tomorrow night at Warehouse Live Houston, Miss Megann, Houston’s top Hip-Hop consultant, is providing the right stage for many undiscovered artists at her iAssist Showcase.

From 7p.m. to midnight, 813 St Emanuel St, Houston, TX 77003 will be filled with the Houston’s livest Hip-Hop fans and the city’s top music industry heavy hitters.

Hip-Hop weekly will be in attendance, and so will other outlets such as, The Houston Chronicle, Houston Trend, Say Cheese TV, Houston Hip Hop News, Houston Media Outlet, Gutta TV, Ms Cat TV, Houston Press, Trill 4 Life Radio and you can also schedule consultation with the Miss Megann Review.

Participants see this as a great opportunity for exposure.

“Miss Megann is doing a lot for underground artist with this showcase,” said Marco Bands, a participant from the South West Alief area of Houston (SWAT). “This is a great platform set up for us. I’m honored. I see it as a great opportunity because so many people are going to be there like Hip-Hop weekly.”

Not only will they be coming to see a showcase but a live concert as well. The Sauce Twinz are headliners, it will also feature the rest of The Sauce Factory, Houston’s hottest producer Fredonem, and O.Gs such as ESG. This showcase will also feature many of Houston’s rising stars and premier Djs.


All throughout Miss Megann’s career in the music industry, she has worked diligently to make sure underground artist were heard. She is mostly known for structuring and assisting the Sauce Twinz, but even before then, she helped 979 The Box’s Go D.J. Hi C in launching the well-known GO DJs. Her role played a key aspect in both success’. As a result, she became very popular throughout the Southern region.

“Well I started of doing real estate and that just wasn’t for me,” she said emphatically. “I just believe everybody has a calling and this was mine. Even when I was down and out, the music and helping artist always came back to me. I just love what I do.”

The iAssist Showcase is also a chance for fans in Austin who missed her SxSw Show at Club 311 on 6 Street in Austin. The show in Austin filled the capacity of the venue and the building became hazardous. Present at her show was not only fans; but, executives, Djs, bloggers and anything that could be an assistance to underground artists.

Performance slots and vendor booths are still available for the iAssist Showcase. Media credentials for all bloggers, photographers and videographers are also available. For more information on this event, please contact Miss Megan at (832)453-2248 or via email Mmsmegann@gmail.com with iAssist Showcase in the subject line.

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