Lenny Chaos is living up to his name.

Chaotic indeed, the Houston native is changing the game with his unorthodox lyrical skills. Unorthodox because he dares to rap the way that he wants versus how he’s expected to. You can hear the southern drawl, but its accompanied by a plethora of influences including a little bit of east coast swag mixed with the mid-west, which makes it very pleasurable to listen to.

His current project entitled, Peace x Chaos, delivers just that. Peace, in a sense that Lenny is a non-confrontational person but he stresses not to cross him.

Example can be you / Don’t make an issue / This aint nothing against you / They say it’s my time / f*ck if it offends you, n*gga



Chaos, because his life is crazy and he’s learned to accept and deal with it.

Believe in peace but I bring that chaos / Jordan 3’s and they dirty / from walking all over these n*ggas dreams / our goals is getting close / I know that’s what I fear the most / all these people say I’m dope / what if they wrong and overdose?


Peace x Chaos, hosted by DJ Candlestick of Chopstars, brings an original vibe to the Houston music scene and potentially has the ability to compete with bigger names in the industry.

Stream Peace x Chaos below