Its clear as day that The Sauce Factory has had an influence on hip-hop since they began their movement. Now with the emergence of their new artist, John Doe, it couldn’t be more evident. TSF is now international with the drip. John Doe is dripping sauce all the way from Paris France. Yes, you read it right, TSF newest artist John Doe is not only from France, but he raps in the French language fluently. I mean he still uses the Sauce’s rap pattern, it’s just in French. Is he hard? Is he not hard? That will be determined overtime, but for now, he John Doe is dripping Sauce in France. Right now, John Doe is in Houston recording with his fellow TSF mates and if anybody wants a feature, they must contact Sauce Diddy or


EnglishTranslation to OYeah

More picture of John Doe and TSF.