• (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
    (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
    Written by: Cecilia Smith
    “I wasn’t a producer first, I wasn’t a club DJ first; I learned how to chop and screw before anything else. That was the first thing I learned how to record,” - DJ Mr. Rogers.
    Written By: Kevin Keise of Houston TREND
    Have you ever wondered where this new age Houston music rooted from? I’m talking about the music that has grownups dancing in the clubs. I mean people have always danced in Houston clubs, but never to Houston music. The “Southside” by H-Town legend Lil KeKe was arguably […]

[NEW VIDEO] @StiffNiggazOnly Are Not “Foo Foo” Like The Title of Their New Track

Music, Video 0 September 12, 2017 556 Kevin Keise

One thing for sure, when it comes to Sno Gang, they really live what they rap about and they’re not “Foo Foo,” like the title of their new track.  I know there is a clear cliche and a preconceived notion that all rappers are in the getting money in the streets, but of course many of those guys lie, and in the streets we call those guys fugazy or “Foo Foo.” Like the jewelry they wear, like the clothes on their backs and everything they rap about, they’re fugazy; fake for sure. Sno Gang isn’t like many, they’re like the five percent that tell the truth. They rap about all the street activities, from moving pounds, pills, work, whatever. They really did it. Read about them.

If you go over to the Houston Chronicle, Chron.com, it reads, “Donald Chimaobi Okoro was pulled over on Thursday for speeding, according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Police said they discovered 53 pounds of Xanax and 13 pounds of Hydrocodone, leading to his arrest.” That’s an estimate street value of $540,000. Bobbie Clarence Hampton, 28, was his passenger in the car.

Both guys were charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana, but since Hampton, also known as SNO Doe, the one singing the hook and the one who shined on SNO Gang’s previous hit “Hands On Me,” with Haroldlujah, is locked up with no bond and D.O Sno, the second guy on the track, is fighting his case from the outside. This is SNO Doe’s second time being in a jam similar to this.

After dropping the smash “Hands On Me,” which has over 89,700 views on YouTube, Doe went to jail for something similar. When he was locked away, the song went viral. It was in constant rotation on both of Houston’s radio stations, 979 The Box and 93.7 The Beat. Currently the case is still under investigation and we’ll give you updates as more details appear. Right now, all we can do is root for the gang.  It’s very unfortunate that they can’t fully focus on their music because they make good music. Numbers don’t lie and neither do the the people. It’s obvious that we like the music. Check out their new track “Foo Foo” above and tell us what you think.

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