A major part of promoting music in Houston and clubs in other heavily populated areas means that you must show love to the strip clubs and the strip clubs DJS…. Oh I’m sorry… Ah hem! “Gentlemen’s Clubs”.

I met a lot of great people when I waitressed at a couple of strip clubs in Houston and got some behind-the-scenes knowledge of the correct and incorrect way to promote your music in these clubs.

I would like to share these with upcoming artists in hopes that you won’t make a damn fool of yourself and ruin your career in the industry before it even starts.

With that said, here are the #SchoolOfRocky’s “I WISH YOU WOULD” s and “YOU BETTA”s of Strip Club music promotion.

I WISH YOU WOULD: ..try to pay a dancer $20 to dance to your song. Uhhhh.. where they do that at? Ladies and gentlemen, $20 is one dance. One dance is ONE song. She has to pay tip-out to the DJ and the DJ has to upload your song and fit it into his mix. Do the math. Your song does NOT equal ONE dance.
YOU BETTA: … politely ask a dancer whom you have already tipped a few times on stage to dance to your song AFTER you talk to the DJ about it.

I WISH YOU WOULD: ..ask the DJ 25 billion times to play your music in a 10 minute period. A DJ’s JOB is not to break music. A DJs job is to spin music for the dancers and the people at the club that they like or would possibly like. He doesn’t care that you put your blood, sweat and tears into this ONE song. He is trying to pay the light bill.
YOU BETTA: Buy him a drink and slip him a $20 to play your favorite song that is NOT YOUR song just yet.. if I was promoting a song, I would not ask the DJ to play my song. I would ask him to check out the song outside of the club and see if it fit into his mix probably on my third or fourth visit. P.S. – Tip the dancer that dances to your song or have a friend tip her while she is dancing… TIP TIP TIP!

I WISH YOU WOULD: ..talk to the manager to try to get in the strip club for free because you’ve been there twice before promoting your music. This was a joke at the clubs I worked at. Getting in free is a privilege to those who have spent thousands at these clubs or made the club thousands. If you can’t afford to pay the door fee, don’t go..
YOU BETTA: ..become really good friends with the Strip Club managers. People who act like they have a billion dollars always come into the strip clubs for handouts. Stand out. Tip the manager just because you are having a great time.

I WISH YOU WOULD: Price a bottle from a waitress and turn around and buy the bottle from another waitress. Waitress get paid commissions on bottles, and this is a quick way to ruin a waitress’ day.
YOU BETTA: Recognize that a lot of people come through the strip club. Find YOUR waitress. Preferably, you should pick a waitress that doesn’t look rushed or busy. She might be the newbie and might have more time to dedicate to you personally. “New” waitresses get skipped over a LOT!

I WISH YOU WOULD: .. buy a drink during “drink specials” time at $3.50 and give the waitress $4.00. This is the quickest way to get black-balled in the club. You will literally have to get up and go to the bar for each and every drink you want.. it is what it is.
YOU BETTA: …leave and come back when you have at least $1.50 to spare for your waitress big fella.

I WISH YOU WOULD: .. ask for every waitress, dancer, and bartender’s phone number in the club. This ain’t social hour playa. You are there to network. If you get a number and you two fall out, guess who shouldn’t and in some cases CAN’T come BACK to that club… DUH!
YOU BETTA: … ACT like you been around women before. Playas always get chose! Talk socially to your waitress without interfering with her ability to DO HER JOB and make money. She cannot sit down and talk to you. So unless you are there to sweep a woman off her feet and pay her bills, fall back and remember why you are in that club. Network!

In conclusion fellas and ladies, when promoting your music to the workers of the “Gentlemen’s Clubs” please remember, you are going to the club to expand your network. They do NOT need you. YOU need THEM. They are just coming to work.

If you cannot afford to promote your music in the strip club (it IS time and money consuming) then do yourself a favor and just DON’T. There are other ways to promote your music. Your name is everything in this industry and you would never guess how much influence people in those clubs can have on your career. Trust me, they have seen and heard it all. Lies and scams are quickly exposed behind those walls so don’t come in trying to be someone you are not..

If you do decide to promote your music at these clubs, then always treat and tip the workers as if they are of value to your career.. because they ARE.

(Rocky Rockett is a Hip-Hop activist and Blogger who has also visited and waitressed at strip clubs. This is her opinion from observation, but please consult your current local strip club professional bartenders, DJS, and waitresses to verify this information. – #SchoolOfRocky)