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    (Article) Building an Empire: Why DJ Mr. Rogers Deserves To Flex
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What is Up with the Obsession Over Pimp C? (A School Of Rocky Op-Ed Blog)

Uncategorized 0 December 29, 2017 742 Rocky

Today is the legendary Pimp C’s birthday.

Many people outside of the South and outside of our Southern hip-hop culture question the obsession with Pimp C.

I’ve been asked by one of my Northern friends, “Why do so many people post on social media about Pimp C on his death date AND his birthday?”

Pimp C represented the truth of our culture in the South. Not everyone agreed with absolutely everything he said or spoke on, however, Pimp C NEVER held back his opinion on ANYTHING despite any individual’s feelings on the subject he spoke on.

Of course, we loved his music. UGK’s music was an addictive blend of funk, country rap tunes, and rap, but our obsession is about more than just music. Pimp C spoke on some hard facts that people chose to ignore due to the fact that he spoke outside of popular beliefs or what was considered to be “polite” and “proper”.

Even bigger was the fact that Pimp C spoke on the things that people are just now starting to speak on social media this year. He was far beyond his time. If you were someone who got caught up in the fact that his name was “Pimp C”, you’d miss his message, but true fans of Pimp C don’t care if you understood him or not.

Pimp C fans are collectively a culture of people who understand that the ugly truth, whether popular or not, WILL prevail over the culture of beautiful lies. He represents a culture of independent thinkers.

Pimp C spoke HIS truth and in his life, though some might have thought he was crazy, especially in this “Trump era” where much of the beautiful veil has been pulled back, many are starting to realize that a lot of what he was saying was not as crazy as it was originally deemed to be.

So in short and long, the South is obsessed with Pimp C because we understand him. We respect him.

We understand that not everyone understands our culture. We understand that the odds are stacked against us. We also understand that regardless of what the popular opinion is of what the South is and what we “should” be doing, we (fans of Pimp C) are going to, and continue to, speak our truths.

You cannot silence the South. We have a mind of our own.

You can continue to put the doors up and the South will continue to knock em down..

– Rocky

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