Written by: Keith Collins

Mr. Steak x Shrimp, left the Catalina Wine Mixer to get back in the studio one more time this year and to give his fans more music. Le$’ newest album, C H I C O, was the latest by the Houston artist. The project goes into his catalog as the fourth EP for 2017.

Le$’ ear for beats has always been one of strong points, from the samples to the overall production of each track. Songs like “Luxury Lounge,” where he just found his pocket and ran with it over an instrumental filled with lush sounds. Another stand out on the project was, “Love,” the track had an eerie feel while Le$ spoke his mind on few thing, saying, “Fuck off the team if you niggas not with it/ I do it for hustlers who hear it and get it.”

C H I C O is nine tracks long, not even going over the 30-minute mark. The project has playback ability from, “ Luxury Lounge” to “Made in Amerikkka.” Le$ handled the production with instrumentals from Todd Louis and Suraj. Released on the same day as the birth of Chad “Pimp C” Butler, so you can assume he is paying homage to the legend.