Since the original sighting of the Be Someone graffiti over the railway bridge on I45 south, in 2012, Houstonians have grown to enjoy seeing it as they travel to and from, but over the past year and a half, the notable landmark has been defaced several times and many Houstonians are tired of it. So much so a petition was created to protect it. 

Coleton Emr posted on

“The “Be Someone” Street art painted on the railway bridge over i45 South outside downtown Houston is a treasure to everyone who lives here and is known nationwide as a symbol of Houston. Over the last year and a half the “Be Someone” art has been defaced and left to other graffiti artists to fix to the best of their abilities. It is still far from being the original Be Someone that was painted in 2012. Many people already view this as a Houston Landmark but it lacks the official approval and protection of the City of Houston.”

The petition has reached over 8,000 signatures of supportive Houstonians agreeing that this landmark should be protected. The goal was set for 10,000 signatures. Once the projected amount of signatures are received, the petition will be delivered to The City of Houston, Houston Archaeological and Historical Commission and Texas State Historical Commission.

Click here to view and sign the petition.